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   Chapter 609 The Thousand-Avatar Skill

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"The prediction of the progenitors?" Zachary inquired tentatively.

"Our sect's origin can be traced back to the same era as the Chi Race. In fact our sect used to have close connections with them. Back then, our ancestor hadn't established the sect. She had been travelling around the world when one day, she happened to arrive at the tribe of the Chi Race by chance, who were still savages back then. It was the first time they had seen a human capable of flying in the sky, so they worshiped her. Our ancestor found the Chi Race members to be pure and good, so she enlightened them a bit. It was perhaps because of this enlightenment that the Chi Race became so powerful and even began threatening the human race. Realizing her mistake, our ancestor set up our sect and taught disciples to cultivate in secret in order to maintain the balance between the human race and the Chi Race. This was the reasons why the human race hadn't been annihilated at that time. Later, the Chi Race was ruled by one of the Five Gods, so they were no longer threatening the human race. Since all was calm, our sect started to live in seclusion. At the same time, our ancestor disappeared but she left a last warning before leaving. She asked the disciples to pass down the inheritance of our sect and also predicted that one day the human race would be threatened and in danger again. When this happened, the disciples were commanded to step up to maintain the balance of the entire Supernal Continent." Anne narrated the entire story to Zachary.

"Well, that's quite a surprise. I didn't know that our sect had this amazing history! But, wait a minute, weren't the Five Gods supposed to be the ancestors of all warriors? Our ancestor existed much earlier than the Five Gods and she was already capable of flying then. So does this mean that our ancestor is more powerful than the Five Gods?" Zachary voiced his doubts with an incredulous expression.

"Well, I wouldn't know about that. Everything that I just told you is from the historical books of our sect," Anne replied with a shrug.

"You know what else? I saw a beautiful woman who looked just like you in the painting at the Chi Palace. Master Anne, could she be our ancestor?" Zachary asked, his eyes suddenly widening at this realization.

"You saw that painting already? I think it's very likely that the woman in the painting you described could be our ancestor." Anne was shocked to learn that Zachary had seen the painting at the Chi Palace.

"By the way, you look so much like our ancestor, Master Anne. People who don't know you might even think you are sisters!" Zachary teased, trying to lighten up the mood.

"Don't talk rubbish! How can you compare me to ou

few Imperial Level manuals on martial arts out, Zachary took the rest and stored them in the warehouse.

"Mimi, help me identify and sort these Imperial Level manuals," Zachary ordered the assistant.

"Examining now." As Mimi's voice rang out, several beams of radiance shot from the system and fell on the Imperial Level manuals.

"Examination completed!" The process didn't take too long.

"Rock Summoning Skill is at the medium stage of Imperial Level, and you need martial energy of the earth element to practice it. It can cause considerable damage up to a radius of a hundred meters.

Great Thunder Skill is at the premium stage of Imperial Level, and you need martial energy of the thunder element to practice it. It's a high-speed attacking skill that kills enemies without being noticed, and it can also be used to track down an enemy in a certain area.

Thousand-Avatar Skill is at the medium stage of Imperial Level. It can create avatars that possess 20% of the power of the real body.

Beast Transformation Skill is a special skill that can transfer the power of the treasure beasts for one's own use in a short period of time. However, this skill has a serious side effect. Think twice before you learn!"

Mimi stated in detail.

"Currently, the Ice Dragon Skill serves as my main attacking skill. I can't learn those martial arts with a certain element, so the Thousand-Avatar Skill and the Beast Transformation Skill are the only ones that I can learn. The Beast Transformation Skill sounds great. It allows me to borrow the power of the treasure beasts. As for the Thousand-Avatar Skill, it will be a perfect combination with the Flawless Illusion. Nobody will be able to distinguish those avatars from me..." Zachary muttered, stroking his chin, contemplating all his options.

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