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   Chapter 608 The Mysterious Plate

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Bang! Boom! The fist fell to the floor, extending to less than half a meter away from Zachary's location. Dirt scattered everywhere.

The floor within a dozen meter radius cracked and collapsed, showing how powerful the last blow was. However, the punch felt ordinary to Zachary. He believed it would be more terrifying if any martial arts skill had been used. If it weren't for the fact that Zachary moved quick enough, he wouldn't have stood there unscathed.

Knowing how dangerous the situation was, Zachary used his Shadow Pace to run towards the palace's gate. He could hear something running behind him, making the floor shake. He could feel the mysterious aura following him with an amazing speed.

'Shit! How can something so huge move so swiftly? It's incredible!' Zachary was shocked, but knowing that he would likely be caught, he thought of a solution. Soon, his eyes lit up, and then he quickly took out a luminous pearl and threw it into the air, lighting up his surrounding in an instant.

He noticed the high stone statue standing not far from the right side in front of him. Shooting the Heavenly Silk Thread out, he wrapped it around the stone statue's head and used it to pull his body up towards it.

At the same time, his luminous pearl finally hit the floor and a giant foot stepped in to crush it. Zachary steadied his footing above the stone statue's head. Turning around, he saw a black shadow about the same size as the stone statue, crashing into the statue like a crazy bull.


The loud noise echoed in the palace as the stone statue began to shake violently, as if it was about to collapse. Shortly after the hit, the figure stopped moving all of sudden.

Seizing his chance, Zachary jumped down on the floor and continued to run towards the palace's gate. Fortunately, the figure didn't chase after him anymore. However, he didn't dare to be careless. After rushing out of the gate, he leaped into the air

e?" Zachary queried. Not only did he know about the Chi Race, he even met its descendant.

"The Chi Race was a mysterious race that existed before the era of the Five Gods. They were similar to humans, except they had beast-like strength, built and speed. In the past, they became a huge threat to the human race, since countless conflicts between the two races often had humans at a disadvantage. However, despite the Chi Race's strength, they had one weakness. Their ability to reproduce was weak. Hence, their force couldn't grow. Soon, the humans quickly outnumbered the Chi Race, making it impossible for them to be destroyed. In the period of Five Gods, the Chi Race was ruled by one of the Five Gods and then gradually declined, disappearing at last," Anne explained, looking afar.

"Disappeared? But I met a descendant of the Chi Race in the Xiao Clan." Hearing Anne's story, Zachary felt baffled.

"What? Do you really mean you have seen a descendant of the Chi Race?" Anne exclaimed in shock.

"Yes." Zachary nodded.

"Wow! I didn't expect that the Chi Race still exists. Does that mean that the prediction of the progenitors is true?" Anne talked loudly to herself, feeling astonished.

Zachary watched her closely, noting that he never saw Anne with such an expression before.

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