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   Chapter 607 The Ghost Lamp

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The fairy on the wall painting floated on the seven-colored clouds, and the giants knelt and worshipped the fairy devoutly, as if she was a deity.

'Isn't the woman in this wall painting Master Anne? Master Anne, at most, is a few hundred years old, but this place held a much longer history. She looks identical to Master Anne. Who could this woman be? What could the relationship be linking her with Master Anne?' Zachary asked curiously.

Afterward, he continued to move forward. After about five minutes, he finally reached the end of the palace. At this point, the Ghost Lamp in his hand suddenly flickered. Just as he felt strange, at the opposite side from where he was standing, a flash of light suddenly lit up.

Seeing this, he quickly hastened the pace to the path. After he got close, he saw a channel appear in front of him. On one side of the channel, he saw a similar lantern like the Ghost Lamp in his hand.

'It must be inside.' He instantly went into the channel. After walking for about five to six meters into the channel, he turned left and walked for ten meters more. Finally, he saw a fragile arch door, but it was tightly closed.

However, when he took two more steps forward, a strange force suddenly charged out from the direction of the arch door. It instantly pushed him back a few meters away.

'I almost forgot that Master Anne's place is restricted, ' he pondered. He recalled the way Anne taught him how to enter her place for cultivation. Then he looked at the floor and instantly activated the Energy Perception Technique. He saw bizarre lines on the floor at once, interlaced, and forming intricate paths like those in a maze. There was only one path that could enter Anne's place for cultivation.

'If I had not known the Energy Perception Technique, I would never be able to access the door. It appears that the reason why Master Anne taught me the Energy Perception Technique was not only to help me reach the Imperial Level, but also to enable me to enter this place, ' Zachary th

he plate.

'This thing looks like something from outer space!' Zachary took a few more glances at the plate before putting it into the system, assigning Mimi to keep it. Then he said, "Mimi, take all the treasures here."

As Zachary spoke, a vortex loomed above his head like a vacuum, sucking all the treasures into the system. Afterward, he left the treasure house, returned to the inner hall, and took a few luminous pearls before leaving the hall with satisfaction. After making it out, he went back to the palace through the gateway. When he was about to return by the way he had come to the inner hall, he suddenly felt a gentle vibration on the floor. However, it became more and more intense, as if it was approaching him.

Feeling something was wrong, Zachary immediately put away the Ghost Lamp and used his Energy Perception Technique. Almost at the same time, he felt a considerable wave of energy advancing towards him. Then, a shadow-like fist suddenly fell from the air and smashed violently towards him.

His heart thumped. Although the power of the fist was not that of a warrior, it gave off a sense of rage. Because of the dim light, he could not recognize the opponent, but he knew that it might not be human. Moreover, the aura around the opponent was somewhat like Zelvag's, or maybe more primitive, as if it was a beast!

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