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   Chapter 601 Finish Absorbing The Pills

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When Pollard and the other four heard what Anne said, they felt overjoyed. They would undoubtedly achieve twice the results with half the efforts if she helped them absorb the Sun-swallowing Pills.

The other warriors became jealous of them as soon as the news spread. Unfortunately for these warriors, they could do nothing but envy those who got selected.

Then, Anne led the group of five to a corner. Suddenly, she released dazzling blue light that covered Pollard and the other four. They focused on absorbing the pills, one for each person.

Since the other warriors lost hope in getting the Sun-swallowing Pills, and many wounded people needed treatment and help, they left the Holy Cloud Mountain one by one.

In the end, only the warriors from the Xiao Clan, the Phoenix Pavilion, and the Ghost Clan remained. The reason why the warriors from the Xiao Clan didn't leave was because Jarrod had taken Anthony to his Virtual Air Space and hadn't come back yet. As for the warriors from the Phoenix Pavilion and the Ghost Clan, they were waiting for Joan and Olivia to absorb the pills.

"Harley, you have apportioned five Sun-swallowing Pills and left none to the Xiao Clan. I'm afraid it would not be easy for you to explain to their leader when you return," Jace said to Zachary, sounding worried. He didn't think Zachary was wrong by doing that, but from the perspective of the Xiao Clan, Zachary seemed to be unfaithful and defiant.

"It is easy to explain. The leader of the Xiao Clan is a sly fox. Once he finds out that I have a master at the Holy Level, he will understand that my value is greater than a few Sun-swallowing Pills," Zachary replied in a flat tone, without a hint of worry.

"That's right. It's enough for you to have such a powerful master." Jace could not help but glance sideways at Anne. He always sensed that he had seen her somewhere before, but he could not recall when, so it must have been far in the past. He vaguely felt what Zachary said was reasonable, and that Anne might have some connection with his Qiu Clan.

Shortly, a sudden commotion erupted within the crowd of the Xiao Clan. A ray of light from the Virtual Air Space shone in the midst of the people. Then, Jarrod and Anthony went out of the space together. Anthony, who had the strength at the peak of King Level before entering the space, was now at the Imperial Level. He had broken through, so he looked very proud of himself.

"Congratulations, Young Master!" Members of the Xiao C

should understand that this is something that can't be known by others." Abel paused with hesitation and waved his hand. He realized whether Zachary had seen their young master bathing or not, it was already a certainty. Thus, it was useless to grapple with this matter. For the time being, the most critical task was to ensure that their young master's secret would not be exposed.

"I understand clearly. You have nothing to worry about. Just take it easy, Elder Abel. I'll keep my lips sealed," Zachary promised, nodding his head thoughtfully.

"I hope so. If I hear any rumor, I'm going to hunt you down even if you're at the world's end, not to mention that you are in the Xiao Clan," Abel warned him. Then he spun around and walked back to the company of the Ghost Clan.

Hearing their conversation, Jace could not help but speculate what took place between them, but he didn't ask Zachary about that. He knew it was Zachary's own business, so he didn't have to intervene.

With the help of Anne, Pollard and the other four warriors could absorb the Sun-swallowing Pills much faster.

Two hours later, the group completed the absorbing process. Each of them, except Polly, improved their strength by one grade. Since Polly only had the strength at the King Level, she could not absorb the Sun-swallowing Pill to the core. So, Anne took an extra effort for her. She sealed the remaining power of the pill in Polly's body, so that the latter could remove the seal and continue working on it at a slower pace. Once she absorbed the remaining power of the pill, she would soon reach the state enough to break through and become an Imperial Level warrior.

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