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   Chapter 599 The Gate To The Lair

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"Hey, hand over the remaining Sun-swallowing Pills," Anne immediately said to the Sun-swallowing Beast.

The beast cried out, all forlorn. It appeared reluctant to give them all out.

"Master, it seems that the beast doesn't want to do that," Zachary said as he curled his lips.

"You destroyed the gate to its lair. Of course it doesn't want to do that," Anne said, obviously understanding the reason behind the beast's unhappy state.

"Then, why don't you subdue it and let me keep it as my pet?" Zachary asked expectantly. It would actually be amazing if she did. With the beast in his possession, all he would have to do is keep getting stronger until he could finally control it.

"I don't think that's a good idea. The Sun-swallowing Beast has existed in this world for centuries. Not only does it not harm people, but it also benefits the whole world by producing the Sun-swallowing Pills every ten years. I have no reason to subdue it," Anne replied solemnly.

"Then do you know how to repair the gate? I don't think we can do that with our strength," Zachary asked hesitantly. He had weighed the situation in his mind and figured there was no way he would be able to fix the gate himself. None of them could. So, Anne was his last hope.

"There's no way to fix it all at once. But I can open a channel with my power to send the beast back to its lair," Anne replied after giving it some thought. This was the best option given the circumstances.

Upon hearing this, the Sun-swallowing Beast was thrilled. It raised its head towards Anne and let out a cry of joy.

"Hey, did you hear that? My master said she can send you back to your home. Can you hand over the five Sun-swallowing Pills to me now?" Zachary asked at once upon seeing the beast's excitement. He was sure that the idea was to its liking.

After a long pause, the beast lowered its head and spat out five pills. They fell on the ground right in front of Zachary and Anne.

As soon as the pills dropped, all the other warriors were salivating, eager to get their hands on those pills. But Anne's presence kept them in place. They wouldn't want to take a move forward and offend her. It would be a death sentence if they did. Of course, they were also extremely envious of Zachary to have such a powerful master.

Now that the pills were out, Zachary immediately released Pollard, Goliath, and Joan from the system.

"Harley, what's

ides, he still had one more left and didn't intend on giving it to any of those standing around.

"Really?" she exclaimed in surprise. She hadn't expected Zachary to suddenly change his mind.

With a wry grin and a wave of his hand, Zachary tossed her the pill, which landed right in her hand.

"Well, you were smart to do me this favor," she said. Despite her arrogant tone, she was inwardly quite excited.

"Can you tell me your name?" Zachary asked casually.

His question made her hesitate for a moment. Then, she swayed to Zachary and whispered in his ear, "My name is Olivia. Don't forget it." Olivia was obviously a female's name. That was also why she chose to whisper in his ear so that the others wouldn't hear it. She then returned to where she had been standing.

The corners of Zachary's mouth curled upward. He then looked down at the last Sun-swallowing Pill with a serious look, wondering whom he should give it to.

Patrick proposed unhappily, "Harley, the last pill should at least go to our Xiao Clan. Don't you agree? It will be difficult to explain to our leader why you gave all of the Sun-swallowing Pills to outsiders without leaving any to us."

The rest of the Xiao Clan's warriors echoed their agreement. Of course, they were all hoping he would give the last pill to one of them.

"I'm sorry! But I'm reserving this for someone else," Zachary said with a faint smile.

"Who? You only have three friends here," Patrick asked, perplexed.

"I've leave it to my Polly," Zachary replied, folding his arms.

Everyone present was stunned. He couldn't possibly be serious.

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