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   Chapter 598 Limit

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"It should be almost done," Anne remarked. She could tell that the Illusory Dragon Spine had absorbed enough power from the Sun-swallowing Beast. With a flick of her hand, a strange hammer rushed out and charged into the sky. It gradually grew in size, as it floated above the Illusory Dragon Spine and smashed it with a deafening clang.

The warriors present watched with disbelief and shock, as Anne summoned her weapon to hit the Illusory Dragon Spine.

Nobody realized that she was using the powerful flames of the Sun-swallowing Beast to refine and improve Zachary's weapon, except for Jace and Zachary, who knew her real intention right from the start.

"Could this be the Illusory Dragon Spine? Is the weapon that you handed to your master the long lost Illusory Dragon Spine? It's a legendary weapon that not even I have seen! I only heard of it in stories!" Jace exclaimed as he turned to Zachary with an astonished look.

Zachary only shrugged and turned back to his master, a pleased smile on his face.

"I didn't expect you to have such a formidable weapon and a legendary one at that! It is said that the history of the Illusory Dragon Spine can be traced back to the era of the Five Gods, and it was once owned by one of them. After the end of the great era, it disappeared and reappeared in the Supernal Continent from time to time. Every time it was acquired by the greedy humans, it would cause a bloodbath throughout the entire continent. The last time it appeared in the world was several hundred years ago, before the establishment of the four martial colleges. Of course, it might have appeared at other times, but it was not known to many." Jace stopped in the course of his explanation, and then he asked with an incredulous expression on his face, "How the hell did you get the Illusory Dragon Spine? You shouldn't even be able to control it with your current strength!"

"I obtained it through a fortuitous encounter when I was still in Celestial College. However, it was damaged when I got it. My master helped me repair it, and she also reduced its level, so now, I can wield it easily," Zachary explained briefly.

"Who on earth is your master? She must be an extraordinary person, that she can not only repair the legendary weapon but also lower its level to the range of your control. I don't think I can do that, nor could a weapon refiner of Holy Level!" Jace exclaimed in surprise.

"Well...I'm afraid it would be improper of m

s a rare opportunity for me to come out, and my power isn't restrained here," Anne said as she handed the Illusory Dragon Spine back to Zachary. If it were inside the system, she would not be able to promote the Illusory Dragon Spine for Zachary in such an entertaining manner. She was glad to take this chance, as it was very rare.

"Thank you, Master!" Zachary exclaimed gratefully. The power of the Illusory Dragon Spine would be unimaginably strong after it was upgraded to the Imperial Level.

"Thank you for saving my life!" Jace addressed Anne with gratitude and bowed to her with cupped hands.

Anne glanced casually at Jace but said nothing in reply. Instead, she turned to Zachary and asked, "How many Sun-swallowing Pills have you consumed?"

"I consumed three of them earlier," Zachary replied.

"Oh, I think that is the most that you can consume. You can only withstand three Sun-swallowing Pills, and more than that can kill you. But there are still five Sun-swallowing Pills in the body of the Sun-swallowing Beast..." Anne trailed off, as she turned towards the Sun-swallowing Beast. With her strength, she could easily see how many Sun-swallowing Pills were left in the body of the beast.

"There are still five? Master, can you get them for my friends?" Zachary pleaded eagerly. Although he could consume no more, he wanted to give the pills to Pollard and the rest.

"Of course. Just come with me." Anne nodded and motioned for Zachary to follow her.

The two walked under the heavy scrutiny of the other warriors until they reached the Sun-swallowing Beast, which was obediently waiting for them on the ground.

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