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   Chapter 597 Upgrade The Illusory Dragon Spine

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Of course, Zachary clearly understood the point. Otherwise, he would not have decided to summon Anne to help him. He knew that no one else could subdue the Sun-swallowing Beast except her. In fact, he had used the once-only Summoning Token, but he didn't regret it because it had saved Jace, a hero with indomitable spirit and his best friend's father. Moreover, as the head of the Qiu Clan, Jace would definitely prove to be useful to him in the future if he was in trouble. Therefore, it was a calculated risk and well worth it. He just didn't like the other Sage Level warriors, who were as timid as hares, and were completely useless.

"Harley, exactly how strong is your master? Jace asked curiously. He had figured out something, but he still wanted to get the answer from Zachary.

"I don't know exactly. All in all, it's safe to say that she's mighty strong. All those fierce beasts are no match for her," Zachary replied confidently.

"After this battle, your reputation will spread all over the Devil Kingdom, again. By then, all the major forces in the Devil Kingdom will regret not recruiting you and letting the Xiao Clan snatch you away." Jace knew very well that with the support of an indestructible master, Zachary would once again make waves among all the major forces in the Devil Kingdom. It should be known that there were only a few major forces in the Devil Kingdom that had powerhouses like Zachary's master. That number was minuscule. Therefore, it was hard to imagine Zachary's growth and the achievements as a disciple of such a powerhouse.

"The Xiao Clan is not that important to me and I don't care about what the others think. I am always loyal to my friends," Zachary hinted with a small smile.

"I see. No wonder Pollard treats you like a brother. It seems that there is a solid reason." Jace nodded with satisfaction. After hearing Zachary's words, he was even more confident than before. He belie

owed slightly. So that was why she had borrowed the Illusory Dragon Spine from Zachary! It was because she wanted to upgrade it.

The next moment, the Illusory Dragon Spine flew out of Anne's hand and zoomed towards its target, the Sun-swallowing Beast.

Seeing the less powerful Illusory Dragon Spine swooping down on it, the Sun-swallowing Beast looked unaffected. Therefore, it opened its mouth and spewed out fierce flames again, intending to melt the Illusory Dragon Spine into scrap iron. However, when the flames hit the Illusory Dragon Spine, it did not melt, but instead grew bigger and bigger, absorbing the flames endlessly.

The Sun-swallowing Beast didn't expect this seemingly inconspicuous weapon to absorb its strength. It spat out some more flames, but once again, they were completely absorbed by the Illusory Dragon Spine.

The onlookers were shocked and their jaws dropped as they began to whisper among themselves. They couldn't tell what kind of weapon this Illusory Dragon Spine was. Judging from its aura, it seemed to be at the King Level. However, it didn't melt by the flames of the Sun-swallowing Beast's flames and instead absorbed the flames. They could easily come to a conclusion that the seemingly inconspicuous Illusory Dragon was no ordinary weapon.

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