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   Chapter 596 The Jade Bottle

Treasure-hunting: Into the Unknown By Wen Nanyin Characters: 7113

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Just as the figure increasingly took shape, the darkened sky suddenly filled with heavy and foreboding thunderclouds, and a lightning flash so powerful it created a booming low rumble.

Moments later, an intense wind howled between the heaven and the earth, and the heavy rain poured. The entire Holy Cloud Mountain shook as if a powerful force jolted it. Chaos crept into the warriors, who suddenly felt their bodies paralyzed, and a sense of dread surged from the bottom of their hearts. Something terrifying was likely to happen. In an instant, the Sun-swallowing Beast let out a fearful roar.

It seemed as though time had frozen.


Suddenly, a thunderbolt ripped through the pitch-dark sky, making the dim ground illuminated for a while. Then, from the field of the Holy Cloud Mountain, countless star-like dots of luminosity continued to arise, and soon gathered to the figure taking shape in front of Zachary.

As the scene unfolded, it stunned the warriors present. They didn't know what kind of creature would appear!

After countless spiritual radiance gathered on the figure, it formed into a luminous human shape. But instantaneously, the brightness dispersed and reverted into specks, shinier than ever. At the same instant, surrounded by the countless spiritual radiance, a white-clad ladylike fairy with her long sleeves flapping and ribbons afloat showed up at a fast pace.

A violent cyclone instantly spread out and immersed the fields. Weeds and leaves flew like crazy, and the sand and stones rolled away. Many warriors felt their energy and blood surge over their bodies and found it hard to control themselves. The skin on their faces hurt like being scratched by a blade, causing a sharp pain. Even the fierce warriors of Sage Level endured the sting.

"Master Anne, please help me save Master Jace!" Zachary pleaded with his eyes squinting upon seeing Anne appear to the shock of everyone, Anne turned her head and fixed her gaze on Zachary. Then, it looked like she was doing a graceful dance while floating in the air. In the blink of an eye, she paid no attention to the power of the t

Jace would be in a horrible situation.

"I'm just doing my duty. I'm well prepared. Besides, I'm not as weak as you think I am. With what happened just now, I still have a way to protect myself. My idea is to consume the power of the Sun-swallowing Beast as much as I can, so I could have a chance of survival." Of course, Jace would not let himself die in vain. The reason he tried his best to consume the power of the Sun-swallowing Beast was to find a chance to breakthrough.

"Even so, if those Sage Level warriors didn't unite and fight against the beast, your efforts would end up useless. In my opinion, they are not deserving to be warriors. They are just a group of cowards!" Zachary said in an angered and cold voice. He finally saw through these so-called important and dignified men.

"It's not their fault. Among these warriors of Sage Level present, except for three who are at the medium stage, others are still at the primary stage. Even if they joined hands, they couldn't compete with the Sun-swallowing Beast. From the fight just now, I know that the beast is omnipotent. No wonder it lived in the world for hundreds of years. If we want to defeat it, we need to find at least five warriors as fierce as I am and work together. Then, we'd be able to beat this beast," Jace said, shaking his head. He knew it very well that's why he didn't count on those Sage Level warriors to understand this.

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