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   Chapter 588 Beast State

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"Why are you still here? Do you want to fight me?" Jace threw a dark glare at the two warriors at the Sage Level.

The two warriors exchanged a glance with each other, both reluctant to leave, but they knew that Jace could easily defeat them if he wanted to. Albeit reluctant, they returned to the ground.

Once the warriors were gone, Jace turned to Zachary with a worried frown. "You were too reckless. You even dared to absorb the power of three Sun-swallowing Pills," he murmured.

But Zachary couldn't get distracted now, so he just smiled weakly at Jace as if nothing was wrong.

"I can't believe you're okay when you just absorbed the power of three Sun-swallowing Pills. You're lucky that your body has an innate power that helped you resist the pills' overwhelming power." Jace paused for a second as if he was noticing something for the first time, then he continued, "It seems that you're ready to absorb the energy of the pills. I won't disturb you anymore then, but let me help you instead!"

As soon as he finished speaking, a slight shudder passed through the air. It looked like Jace had created an enchanted barrier around Zachary's body, so he would be protected from the flames or any other attack.

When he realized what Jace had done, Zachary looked up at him and nodded gratefully. This way, he didn't have to summon Anne to guard him.

After that, when he was assured that Zachary would be safe, Jace returned to the ground. "Dad!" Pollard dashed to his father as soon as he came back.

"Where is Polly?" Jace immediately asked his son, when he noticed that Polly wasn't with him.

"She's somewhere safe," Pollard assured him, and he felt like a thorn had been lifted from his side at this assurance. For the first time in a few hours, he could breathe properly as if the weight that was crushing his chest had been removed.

"That's good. It seems that all of us have been ambushed. From now on, we must be very careful," Jace told him seriously.

"Ambush? What are you talking about?" Pollard was shocked. At the mention of an ambush, his eyes flew all over his father's body, as he tried to see if he had any injuries.

"I still don't have enough details. The reason why I came so late is that I found something suspicious after I lost contact with you, so I have been investigating. I discovered that there are ambitious people who are planning to take action while all the forces are fighting for Sun-swallowing Pills." He came to this information when he was searching for Polly and Pollard. He accidentally found mysterious figures who were acting suspiciously, so he followed them secretly. Then, he found that they had set up numerous kinds of traps on the Holy Cloud Mountain. Although he had destroyed some of them along the way, he knew that it was just a small drop in that deadly bucke

will assign two warriors to protect you. You should retreat first!" Abel shouted to their young master, who was fighting side by side with other Imperial Level warriors of the Ghost Clan. He could tell that the situation was unfavorable to them, and any wrong move could lead to their deaths, so it was imperative to lead his young master to safety.

"No way!" the young master shouted at him stubbornly. She continued to fight together with her treasure beast.

Although the young master of the Ghost Clan was at the second grade of Imperial Level, with her superior movement skill, she was fearless in the face of the group of beasts. But her overconfidence caused her to become careless. She didn't notice that a beast at the medium stage of Imperial Level had appeared behind her, stalking her like she was its prey. Its sharp claws were less than a few centimeters away now, barely touching her soft neck.

"Young master, watch out!" Edgar hurriedly shouted, but it was too late.

When she turned around, the beast was right in front of her, and its shadow cast darkness all over her body. She couldn't move in surprise! Her beautiful eyes were wide open but unseeing, and her heart was a jackrabbit in her chest. She was doomed!


Just as she was about to be seriously injured, a figure suddenly fell from the sky like a meteor and fell precisely on the body of the martial beast. The strong impact instantly knocked the beast into the ground, where its lifeless body completely dented the rocks and dirt beneath.

Due to the great impact, the young master was also sent flying several meters away, where she fell on the ground, grimacing in pain. However, when she looked up at the figure again, she was taken aback by its cold menacing aura. She could feel that this figure was constantly releasing extremely raging power, and her knees trembled in fear and shock.

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