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   Chapter 587 Jace’s Help

Treasure-hunting: Into the Unknown By Wen Nanyin Characters: 6455

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When the Sage Level warriors present saw this scene, their expressions suddenly changed and became serious. They didn't know what was going on.

However, because the Xiao Clan and the Ghost Clan each obtained a Sun-swallowing Pill, in order to ensure that the pills could be absorbed smoothly, the warriors of each clan quickly formed an array, forming a protection circle.

Just as the dozens of beasts trampled on the ground and hurt many of the warriors, another wave of martial beasts rushed out from the other side at a lightning speed. They rushed into the panicked Imperial Level warriors and continued their fierce attacks.

In this way, waves after waves of martial beasts rushed out. In the blink of an eye, all the warriors present were completely immersed in the turmoil of beasts. The most terrifying thing was that the martial beasts that rushed out were getting stronger and stronger, and they were getting more and more difficult to deal with. In the end, there were even two martial beasts of Sage Level.

The whole scene was rapidly losing control. The six Sage Level warriors who had besieged Zachary immediately hesitated when they saw that many warriors from their own clans had been attacked. These three pills were right in front of them. If they didn't fight for them, these three pills would become Zachary's belongings. But once they took action, it would definitely be a chaotic battle. However, right now, their respective clans were fighting fiercely against the beasts. The warriors of their clans were in danger. If they didn't help, the consequences would be incalculable!

Compared with the Imperial Level warriors of their forces, the three pills were less important. Therefore, in the end, the four Sage Level warriors, including Yasir and the elder of the Phoenix Pavilion, quickly made a decision. They gave up fighting for the three pills and immediately flew to the ground to rescue the

arriors of Sage Level.

Zachary felt relieved upon seeing Jace.

When the two Sage Level warriors saw Jace suddenly appear, their faces also darkened. They both knew that Jace's strength was already one of the best in the Devil Kingdom. In addition, Jace was the strongest weapon refiner in the Devil Kingdom who had many powerful weapons. The appearance of Jace meant that they had no chance to grab the three pills from Zachary.

At this moment, in the crowd on the messy ground, when Polly saw her father appear and protect Zachary, she immediately felt relieved.

Of course, the appearance of Jace also shocked all the warriors present. They didn't expect that such a big figure would suddenly appear and even protect Zachary.

At this time, Jace stood in the air and looked down at the chaotic scene on the ground. Then, he immediately waved his hand and the two weapons at the Sage Level that had just protected Zachary rushed to the ground quickly, starting to help the warriors to repel the beasts.

Although Jace rarely appeared in the Devil Kingdom, his prestige was unparalleled. Therefore, as soon as he appeared, the panicked scene immediately calmed down, and the Imperial Level warriors also began to counterattack under the lead of the warriors of Sage Level.

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