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   Chapter 583 Zachary's Ambition

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On the other side, among the warriors of the Xiao Clan, Jarrod and the other Sage Level guardian quickly stepped forward to protect Anthony and the other Imperial Level warriors who risked getting injured by the sound wave. The Xiao Clan warriors wanted to try to ensure that Anthony would get a Sun-swallowing Pill, which would help him break through to the Imperial Level.

Among the members of the Xuanyuan Clan, Truman and three other Imperial Level warriors were also under the protection of Yasir.

Within other clans and sects, Sage Level warriors had stepped up, taking action to protect their juniors.

For a while, the situation continued in this way. The sound wave spread inexorably outwards, until it had a radius of thousands of meters. Grass was ripped up and small stones were whipped into the air by the force of the sound wave. A few minutes later, the sound wave finally stopped. Despite the best efforts of each group, many Imperial Level warriors sustained injuries from the sound wave which greatly reduced their combat power.

Despite this, the Sage Level warriors remained calm. They were all veteran warriors, and had already experienced scenes like this before. They knew this was intended to test the warriors who sought to get the Sun-swallowing Pills from the Sun-swallowing Beast. After all, the Sun-swallowing Pill was a precious item in part because of its extreme rarity—there was only one chance in every decade to get the pills. Therefore, only the strongest and most qualified were able to succeed in obtaining the Sun-swallowing Pills.

Over a third of everyone present had been injured by the shock of the initial sound wave. This automatically disqualified them from obtaining the Sun-swallowing Pill.

Of course, there was a bigger challenge awaiting those who sought the ultimate prize. The Sun-swallowing Beast was about to spit out anywhere from one to ten Sun-swallowing Pills. No one knew how many the beast would spit out, so the first pill would be fiercely fought over by everyone present.

Every warrior waited with bated breath, waiting for the first Sun-swallowing Pill to appear.

The Sun-swallowing Beast was floating gently between the two stone mountains. Suddenly, it paused in midair. As everyone watched avidly, the beast opened its large mouth and looked up at the sky. A flaming pill, around the size of a football, shot out of its mouth with the force and heat of a volcanic eruption, and the warriors standing on the ground hundreds of meters away could feel the intense temperature of the explosion.

"The first pill has come out!" As the Sun-swallowing Pill soared over the crowd and began to fall to the ground, warriors of all the clans raised an ear-splitting uproar, each fighting to get as close as they could to the pill's landing spot. Everyone wanted to snatch it immediately, but it was still too hot. The strong, burning heat emanating from the flaming pill prevented anyone from getting too close to it.

The Sun-swallowing Pill landed on the ground, covered in bright flames. The warriors couldn't wait any longer. Almost everyone rushed forward to grab the pi

n began to fall towards the earth.

The Imperial Level warriors instantly saw their chance. They stopped watching the Sage Level warriors and swarmed towards the second Sun-swallowing Pill. But they hadn't even gotten close before half the Sage Level warriors in the original group broke away and blew past them, flying towards the second pill. By the time the Imperial Level warriors arrived, the Sage Level warriors had already surrounded the second Sun-swallowing Pill, fighting over it as fiercely as they had for the first one.

There was nothing the Imperial Level warriors could do but stand back and wait for a third pill. But the Sun-swallowing Beast had regained its equanimity and continued drifting along in the air, as though its work was done and no more pills would emerge. Many began to fear that the beast would only spit out two pills this time.

The competition for the first two Sun-swallowing Pills among the Sage Level warriors raged on, their colorful energies blazing white hot as they ramped up their attacks.

Zachary was standing still, looking up and studying the Sun-swallowing Beast. Suddenly he turned to Goliath and Pollard, and said to them, "Goliath, Pollard, I'm going to get as close to the Sun-swallowing Beast as I can. I need you to cover for me."

"What? Why do you want to get close to the beast? Harley, what are you planning?" Goliath said, unable to resist asking.

"I think the Sun-swallowing Beast is about to eject more than one pills. If I can get close enough, I can collect the pills before they even land on the ground," Zachary said firmly, his gaze focused on the beast floating lazily above them.

Goliath and Pollard exchanged astonished looks. They both thought Zachary's plan was tantamount to suicide. Even Imperial Level warriors struggled with absorbing the power of a single Sun-swallowing Pill, which was very aggressive and concentrated, making it difficult to digest. How could Zachary hope to take more than one pills at a time? It could very well cost him his life to attempt such a dangerous feat. What was he thinking?

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