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   Chapter 581 In Trouble

Treasure-hunting: Into the Unknown By Wen Nanyin Characters: 10999

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After a few hours, warriors from different clans and sects were simultaneously besieged and attacked by a large number of berserk martial beasts at different parts of the Holy Cloud Mountain. These warriors tried their best to fight and hold on because they knew that these martial beasts would recover from their berserk state as soon as the Dark Devouring Day came. Although there were only a few hours until it was the Dark Devouring Day, these hours felt like an eternity to the fighting warriors. Their bodies were heavy with exhaustion, and their limbs seemed bogged down with lead. Each wound that marred their skin and each kill they made marked the slow passing of time.

In sharp contrast, some warriors came alone or in small groups of twos and threes, so they didn't attract too many martial beasts. At the worst, they would be attacked by a couple of martial beasts, but they could easily fend them off at their level of power.

Zachary and Goliath were no exception. At that moment, they were also surrounded by extraordinarily fierce martial beasts. Crimson eyes eyed them with wild abandon, as spittle dribbled down the beasts' bloody snouts.

"These martial beasts have gone mad. I'm afraid that they won't be easy to take down," Goliath muttered as he eyed the beasts with distaste.

"I didn't think that the Dark Devouring Day would affect these martial beasts so much. It looks like the Sun-swallowing Beast is quite extraordinary," speculated Zachary. His eyes were warily studying the beasts, but he wasn't making a move to attack them.

"Are we going to fight our way out?" Goliath asked as he shifted his eyes from the rabid beasts to Zachary.

"I don't think we can defeat them in this way. It may be easy for us to deal with martial beasts in a normal state, but these have gone berserk. Fighting them will be a test of our toughness against theirs. We are at a disadvantage!" Zachary shook his head, and his mind ran in circles, as he desperately thought of a way out.

"Then what shall we do?" Goliath asked, and Zachary looked at him with a sharp glint in his eyes.

"We have no choice but to split up and attack separately. With our movement skills, there should be no problem for us to shake off these martial beasts. In this way, we can buy time as much as possible. You said that these martial beasts would regain their calm once the Dark Devouring Day comes, right?" Zachary suggested after a brief moment of silence. His brows were scrunched in thought, as his lips laid down their plans with detailed precision.

"But it will be more dangerous if we split up. If we fail to shake them off, we will have to deal with them alone," Goliath immediately protested. Zachary nodded in agreement, as he had thought about that possibility as well, but it was a risk they were going to have to take.

"Are you worried about me or yourself?" Goliath was taken-aback by Zachary's direct question. He looked at him sincerely, then said, "Of course I'm worried about you, Harley. I'm sure I can handle these martial beasts." Zachary nodded at his answer, pleased, as a plan started to take shape in his mind.

"You don't have to worry about me. When the Dark Devouring Day comes, I will use Blazing Roc to send you a signal, and then you can come to mee

sister, I wonder who will tolerate your bad temper and marry you!"

"That's none of your business!" Polly shouted at him. She threw a fierce glare at him before walking away without a backward glance.

The two men watched her go, smothering their laughter behind their palms. When she was gone, both men erupted into fits of boisterous laughter at the same time.

"How is your life in the Xiao Clan? Are you happy there?" Pollard asked which sobered them a little.

"It's not bad. I am now the manager of the Xiao Clan's beast barn and in charge of about one hundred treasure beasts," Zachary said, pretending to be pleased with himself.

"Really? It seems that the leader of the Xiao Clan really thinks highly of you. Otherwise, he would not have appointed you as the manager of the beast barn as soon as you joined the Xiao Clan. But are you sure that there aren't only about ten treasure beasts under your control?" Pollard asked. He nailed the truth right in the face since he knew Zachary quite well.

"Ha-ha, Pollard, I can't hide anything from you, can I?" Zachary laughed and smiled fondly at Pollard, who looked back at him just as fondly.

"You know that if you're not happy in the Xiao Clan, you can join the Qiu Clan anytime, right? My father has been talking about you recently. Whenever he mentions you, he shakes his head and sighs in regret," said Pollard.

"I'm surprised that your father hasn't forgotten about me yet. But I can't leave the Xiao Clan so soon," said Zachary honestly.

"I know that. I'm just saying you're always welcome with us," Pollard reiterated. This time, it was evident that he wasn't just joking. He was looking at Zachary with all the sincerity he could muster.

Zachary looked away from him then, his sincerity too much to bear. At that moment, neither of them could do anything to change the situation that they were in anyway. "Let's just stay here and wait for a while. When the Dark Devouring Day comes, we can go out and join your father,"

Zachary suggested instead, to which Pollard nodded in acceptance.

They rested and stored up as much as energy as they could, right in the cold embrace of Peach Blossom Forest.

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