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   Chapter 577 Sun-swallowing Pill

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Anne looked at Zachary and shook her head. "No. The Sun-swallowing Pill gets its energy from the essential power of heaven and earth. It is an open vessel through which power flows continuously, and cannot be sealed. Even if you found a way to seal it, it would be rendered useless. Moreover, this pill will only be effective if it is consumed within a kilometer's radius of the Sun-swallowing Beast. Outside of that range, it has no power."

"Why?" Zachary asked curiously.

"Because the core of the Sun-swallowing Pill must be able to return to the Sun-swallowing Beast after the power within it has been consumed. If you take it out of the beast's territory, the core of the Sun-swallowing Pill will become like a broken compass, and that might put you in great peril," Anne replied with a concerned frown.

"But Master Anne, that means I would have to consume the Sun-swallowing Pill in the presence of others. What if someone takes advantage of this and attacks me?" asked Zachary, confused. It seemed like consuming the pill in front of others was almost even more dangerous than the consequences of taking the pill outside the range of the Sun-swallowing Beast.

"Yes, that is correct. That is why you should have someone with you when you do it. Someone powerful and trustworthy beyond any doubt," Anne answered seriously.

"Someone powerful and trustworthy?" Zachary echoed. He turned to look at Anne. She and Tania were, in fact, the only people he knew and could trust that were powerful enough to keep him safe. It seemed that now was the chance to take Anne out into the real world. According to Mimi, though, she had her own wish she wanted to accomplish in the real world. He wondered if he should save the chance for her until the time of her fulfilling the wish came. But if he decided to prioritize her wish, Zachary would be left to fend for himself.

"I think I know exactly what is going through your mind right now," Anne said, seeing Zachary's face change as he sat there, deep in thought. He was easy to read.

Zachary sighed. "I really want you to be my guardian, Master Anne. But we both know how rare a chance arises for you to go out into the real world. I wouldn't want you to waste that chance protecting me. I'd rather you use that chance to fulfill your wish." It was hard for him to frame those words, but he knew it was the right thing to say.

Anne listened to Zachary carefully. He was

it was a mythical land shrouded in fog and heavy clouds. Hills, rivers and lakes dotted its surface, populated with exotic birds and rare beasts.

These days, those flying beasts, large and small, circled the mountaintop, driven by humans in flocks of threes, fours, and even dozens. They came and landed on the Holy Cloud Mountain around the clock.

The flying beast, Zachary and Goliath on its back, swooped down from the south of the Holy Cloud Mountain, towards the forest. Once it had landed, the two of them slid off its back.

"Finally! I'm numb with cold and my back is aching, this took so long," Zachary complained, stretching himself.

"It seems that a lot of warriors have arrived before us. Most of them are above the Imperial Level," Goliath noted, looking around and sensing the powerful auras emanating from the warriors surrounding them.

"Well, no warrior below the Imperial Level would dare come here. Unless they had a death wish," Zachary said, shrugging. Then, sensing movement in his peripheral vision, he turned to see a leopard-like martial beast at the first grade of Imperial Level, crouching in a bush a short distance from them. Its eyes glimmered with greed and anticipation.

"Come on, let's take it down together!" Goliath boomed, tensing his muscles as he motioned towards the beast.

"Are you kidding? We should run!" Immediately, Zachary turned and sprinted in the opposite direction.

Goliath was stunned for a fraction of a second, but quickly came to his senses. He turned and followed Zachary. The beast lunged with a glint in its eyes, following in close pursuit.

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