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   Chapter 576 Repairing The Lantern-shaped Weapon

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Later on, Zachary went back to the north room. After entering the system, he continued straight to the weapon refining room and fixed the lantern-shaped OH weapon that Anne had given him. But, just as he placed the materials needed for the restoration together with the weapon into the Heavenly Golden Furnace, he heard Mimi's sweet voice saying, "You cannot repair the weapon for the quest using the Heavenly Golden Furnace. It may need manual repairs."

"Manual repairs? Are you serious?" Zachary rolled his eyes, thinking Mimi was playing a trick on him.

However, after finishing this repair quest, he could take Anne out of the system, so he didn't raise any objections. He took out the weapon and repair materials, and then set the weapon refining room back to its original refining mode, preparing to repair the weapon manually. But he quickly encountered a problem. Being only a King Level weapon refiner and without the aid of the Heavenly Golden Furnace, he could not repair this weapon of Imperial Level. If he were to fix it out of necessity, it would only result in the opposite of its desired effect.

"This situation is making me mad. It would drive me to an early grave!" Zachary's face twitched as he became agitated. He had gathered the materials, yet he couldn't repair it.

At that same instant, he came up with an excellent idea. He asked, "Mimi, is there any treasure in the Treasure Cave that can promote my weapon refiner level, or reduce the difficulty of refining a weapon?"

"Yes, but it's on the fourth floor of the Treasure Cave. Before this, you have only opened three floors. To enter the next floor, you must complete an initial quest first. But, you can open the fourth floor straight by paying three thousand treasure-hunting coins," Mimi replied.

"You are extorting my treasure-hunting coins once again!" Hearing what Mimi said, Zachary knew that he would have to spend his treasure-hunting coins. "Can you give me a discount?"

"Not this time," Mimi refused firmly.

"Oh, come on. A minor price cut would be enough! I am broke!" Zachary pleaded woef

t fraught with danger. And with the Ghost Lamp leading the way for you, you will be safe," Anne added.

"Oh, I see. So that's why you gave me the Ghost Lamp," Zachary said as a realization hit him. "What do you want me to take? I'm about to go out, and I can bring it back with me."

"Where are you going?" Anne inquired.

"I'm going to the Holy Cloud Mountain," Zachary answered.

"The Holy Cloud Mountain? Are you going to track down the Sun-swallowing Beast? Oh, the Dark Devouring Day is about to come," Anne muttered.

"That's right. You are too clever for words!" Zachary appeared to be taken aback by her words and began to compliment her.

"The Sun-swallowing Pill is a rare and precious treasure. For a warrior of Imperial Level, it has the same effect as a Cultivation Boosting Pill at the Imperial Level." Anne understood the Sun-swallowing Pill very well.

"Yes, I agree. But I've heard that in refining the Sun-swallowing Pill, it must take place within an hour after it appears, and we can only refine one pill at a time. Otherwise, it would all end up completely wasted. If I grab a few of them, I can't refine them together. For this reason, I'd like to ask you if you have any treasure that can seal the pills so their power won't die away. Then I can bring them back and take my time to refine them one after the other," Zachary appealed, his voice full of hope.

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