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   Chapter 575 Unfulfilled Wish

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"Are you talking about Anthony?" Goliath immediately understood who Zachary meant.

Even though Zachary didn't answer, his playful expression explained everything.

"Harley, you don't have to worry about Anthony at all. Based on my understanding of him, I don't think he would achieve anything," Goliath said disdainfully.

"It sounds like that you know him rather well, don't you?" Zachary asked in a speculative tone.

"Back when I was in Alexander City, I knew Anthony very well..." Goliath trailed off on purpose.

"Goliath, why do I feel there is another story?" Zachary immediately got the hint.

"Don't mind it for now. It's a rather long story. If we have the chance next time, I can tell you about it in detail." Goliath let out a shallow sigh as his eyes became a bit nostalgic. Then, he continued, "Then let's set off tomorrow. Even if we fly, it will take at least one day and one night to reach the Holy Cloud Mountain."

"Alright, I understand. Wait for me outside the south gate of Alexander City tomorrow." Zachary nodded in agreement.

"Okay, that's the plan. See you tomorrow." After he left such a remark, Goliath started to move and instantly disappeared from where he stood.

"Compared with the Sun-swallowing Pill, I would rather catch that Sun-swallowing Beast. If I could catch one, it would save me at least a decade worth of effort in my cultivation. I need to prepare well for the upcoming journey." After Goliath left, Zachary's eyes became filled with determination. The potential rewards from the journey the following day made him eager to take action.

In order to prepare for tomorrow's quest, Zachary immediately went back to the north room of his house. After he entered the system, he instantly got transported to the Living-dead Tomb. He noticed that Anne just walked out.

"Master Anne! Are you going out?" Zachary asked in a respectful tone.

"How are you doing with the quest I gave you? Are you going to finish it soon?" Anne asked immediately as she noticed Zachary.

"I still need two more materials to repair the treasure. Regretfully, I've also been busy lately. The quest will be a little delayed as I was recently seeking the limelight in the Xiao Clan," he replied.

"Don't make any excuses for your tardiness. Just finish the repair quest right away!" Anne reprimanded in a concerned tone.

"Why are you so anxious, Master Anne? You're even more eager than me about my quest." It was rather unusual for Anne to urge Zachary to complete his quest as soon as possible. As such, he felt confused about her impatience.

"It's nothing. Just focus on your repair quest. Don't come here to see me until you finish it!" After she reprimanded Zachary one last time, Anne waved her hand and sent him out of the Living-dead Tomb.

"That's so strange. Why was Master Anne very impatient to make me complete the quest? Is she not in a good mood today? Maybe she's having her period," Zachary muttered to himself and then he returned to the system. The rudeness and strange behavior of Anne made him very depressed.

"Don't think too badly about it. She just wants you to finish it immediately because your friendship level with her will exceed reach level 5 after you complete the quest. In that case, she will have a chance to leave the system and finally return to the real world." While Zachary was lost in his worries, Mimi's sweet voice s

come for a long time, it wouldn't be too late for him to go to the black market to find Bruno. Then, Zachary sat on the stone bench in the courtyard and waited patiently for Vivian. However, in less than an hour, she came back empty-handed.

"You can't find them, can you? It's fine. I'll figure out a way to gather them by myself." Once he saw that Vivian didn't have the materials, Zachary just shrugged.

"Is that what you think of me? It's just two materials. My father is Jaxon, the head of the Xiao Clan. If I can't get my hands on those two materials, how could I deserve to be his eldest daughter?" Vivian replied in a slightly irritated tone. With boastful eyes, she glared at Zachary.

"What do you mean? Did you get them?" When he heard Vivian's statement, Zachary immediately got excited.

"Yes, of course!" With a boastful smile, Vivian opened the Virtual Air Space. Immediately, two boxes flew towards Zachary.

After he received the boxes, Zachary opened them one after another. It was exactly the two materials that he needed. With a grin, he put them away and then asked, "How did you get them? Although these two materials are not rare, they are still quite uncommon. They're not easy to find."

"Our Xiao Clan is one of the most powerful clans in the Devil Kingdom. Additionally, we are famous for weapon refining. It's natural that our clan has a special collection of all kinds of casting materials. So, even for most rare materials, we have some of them stocked in the warehouse. However, usually no one can get their hands on them without my father's permission. So it took me a lot of effort to get these two. You're quite lucky, actually! These two are the last of their kinds available in the stock," Vivian said boastfully.

"Wow! Really? Well then, thank you very much for your generosity," Zachary said gratefully.

"No need to thank me. You helped me take back the hearts of those treasure beasts from Bruno last time. Just consider us even." After such magnanimous words, Vivian turned around and left without looking back.

"What exactly is she up to? Is she playing hard-to-get by being so nice to me suddenly? This is very interesting!" Zachary muttered to himself. A huge grin appeared on his face as his eyes narrowed.

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