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   Chapter 573 Study On Treasure Beasts

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"Potential value? What exactly do you mean by that?" Jaxon asked, confused.

All the Xiao Clan elders as well as the other department managers looked at Zachary in a baffled manner.

"Treasure beasts got their name because they can produce unusual treasures. However, as we all know, treasure production time is generally quite long, ranging anywhere from a few months to several years. The better the treasure is, the longer the time it takes. Most of the time, we are much too impatient to wait such a long time. Therefore, most warriors don't pay much attention to, and even neglect treasure beasts' said ability. The truth is, treasure beasts have enormous potential for producing treasures," Zachary explained wisely.

"Okay. But what does any of this have to do with expanding the beast barn?" Jaxon asked with a frown creasing his forehead.

"In fact, back when I was in the Celestial College, I dedicated myself to studying treasure beasts. I notably studied how to shorten the treasure production time and increase the egg hatching rate. I'm being modest when I say I've made considerable progress," Zachary said, a smug smile on his face as he looked at them.

"Oh, really? Is that part of your research results allowing you to control three treasure beasts at the same time?" Jaxon's curiosity was immediately aroused and he quickly asked another question.

"Yes, that's right," Zachary nodded. "That said, I can't take all the credit. I also needed a little luck to accomplish things. Not everyone can do what I can, even if they know how."

"On that point, I agree with you. But I'm more interested in what you just said. You mention having the capacity of shortening the treasure production time and increasing egg hatching rate. Did I hear you correctly? Is that factual information?" Jaxon asked, his eyes lighting up like little beams.

"I knew you'd be interested in that. I can't guarantee anything else, but I am very confident in these two factors. If you continue to support my research, once it succeeds, it will only bring positive effect to our clan. With such powerful sk

one of you by surprise." With that, he turned around and left, pride and confidence trailing behind him.

After he left, Jarrod, who had a grudge against Zachary, said, "Master Jaxon, letting Harley do whatever he wants is just too much stress on your shoulders."

"We will soon find out whether my decision is right or wrong. One way or another, this won't be a big loss to us. In any case, the beast barn is the least important place in our clan," Jaxon replied calmly with a sly smile.

After leaving the Magnific Martial Hall, Zachary went straight to his house. He was about to enter the north room when a figure suddenly appeared like a ghost by his side. He stood on alert, the hairs on his spine prickling. Despite his slight surprise, he didn't react, because he had recognized the figure's aura.

"Goliath?" Zachary squinted his eyes a little as he looked sideways.

"How are you doing, Harley?" Goliath's smile was warm and kind.

"I'm fine, thanks. What are you doing here?" Zachary asked, not showing his discomfort.

"Didn't you ask Master Bill to get you a few materials last time?" Goliath retorted, instead of answering the question.

"Yes, I did." Zachary nodded in agreement.

"He got one for you, with great effort of course, and asked me to bring it here." As he spoke, Goliath took out an Imperial Level treasure from the Virtual Air Space and handed it to Zachary.

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