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   Chapter 570 The Ride

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Only Zachary remained calm; everyone else was in shock. Despite his calm demeanor, he was actually surprised that Vivian showed up. Since she'd helped him the previous day, he felt a special connection between them. However, he was wary of the risks that came with this connection. On the one hand, this gave him an opportunity to soon control the Xiao Clan. On the other hand, he could fail and lose everything if he wasn't careful enough. He realized that she was probably the most important person for him to achieve his goal.

Vivian's sudden appearance triggered the public's speculation. The Xiao Clan disciples started making assumptions about Zachary and Vivian's relationship. Even Zachary was confused; he wasn't sure what her purpose was, but he knew that they were mutually benefitting from each other. However, he wouldn't reveal his hidden intention first. He would wait and see when Vivian would reveal her intention.

'She is just as cunning as her father, ' Zachary thought to himself. He thought of Anthony who, in comparison to Vivian, was much weaker. He wouldn't achieve anything. He caught Vivian shooting a quick glance at him.

Then, she turned on her heels to walk up to Zachary. With her eyes affix on his, Vivian's emotions stirred. She knew her life would be intertwined with this man for a long time after this, but she had to fulfil her duty to the Xiao Clan and her father.

"I didn't exp

reasts lightly brushing his chest. He perked up, aroused by this erotic sensation.

The crowd erupted into an undecipherable noise. The warriors grew more envious and hateful of Zachary as he took advantage of Vivian.

"Vivian, are you okay?" Zachary asked with a smirk, pretending to care about her.

"This is your fault! Vivian knew Zachary had commanded its treasure beast to act that way. She stared sternly into his eyes, satisfied that she was able to achieve the purpose of her visit that day.

Vivian hugged Zachary tighter. The crowd gasped at the sight of her willingness. This further fed the speculations surrounding their relationship. People guessed that they had something special going on between them.

The warriors were jealous but, deep down, they were impressed with Zachary's ability to pick up girls. He'd only been in the Xiao Clan for a few days, yet he had already developed an intimate relationship with Vivian.

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