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   Chapter 448 Championship

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"Dean Marvin, have you found any evidence?" Zachary asked with an evil smile on his face. Seeing that Marvin and the other two Sage Level weapon refiners couldn't find any clues, he was very calm and complacent.

Marvin's eyes flashed with confusion. He looked hesitantly at Zachary, and then at Corbin and the other master. Seeing the latter shaking their heads, he thought seriously for a moment. He turned to Zachary and said, "I don't know how you hide the traces of the heterodox refining skill. Since I can't find any evidence, I can't prove that you've displayed it, but I still want to warn you that if you continue to use it, you will get killed. The heterodox refining skill is an evil technique, and you should never use it again. I'll let it go this time, but heed my words. I'd stop using that technique if I were you."

It was obvious that even if Marvin couldn't find any direct evidence, he was very sure that Zachary had used the heterodox refining skill. However, since he had nothing to back his suspicions up, it was useless. It wouldn't change the final result of the weapon refining contest nor would it subject Zachary to disqualification.

In other words, after a series of twists and turns, Zachary's victory was finally recognized and he became the first outer disciple to win the first place in the history of the Shura College's King Level contest.

Despite hearing Marvin's warning, Zachary remained collected.

Shortly after, Marvin announced to the watchers that Zachary had won the first place in the weapon refining contest.

Since he had gotten the first place, there were multifarious rewards including precious treasures, pills of premium stage, rare weapons, and many other special items that everybody would be jealous of.

But for Zachary, these treasures were not so precious at all. They were only useful for expanding his collections and exchanging treasure-hunting coins.

Although there had been some mishaps and suspicions concerning his refining technique, it did not hinder the strong interest of those sects in him.

As soon as the weapon refining contest was over, majority of the representatives of the sects rushed to Zachary, one after another, before he walked out of the contesting area. They introduced themselves fervidly and

ial to change the future of their clan.

Everyone was surprised to hear that the head of the Xiao Clan was so humble to apologize to Zachary for his son. And it was also clear how intensely he wanted to invite Zachary into the Xiao Clan!

"Actually, I don't have a grudge against Anthony. But I'm afraid that he thinks differently. I don't want to see you getting caught in our misunderstanding," Zachary explained, rejecting him subtly.

"Is that so?" After thinking twice, Jaxon began to realize that the grudge between his son and Zachary was not that simple. Otherwise, Zachary would not be so scrupulous. He frowned and thought for a while before he suggested, "How about I call Anthony over and clear up this feud once and for all? What do you think?"

"But..." Zachary's eyebrows drew together. He knew that it was impossible for Anthony and him to just become friendly with each other at the moment.

"Master Jaxon, don't force him if he doesn't like it!" a sweet voice said, coming from the other side of the room.

The crowd looked over and saw a group of graceful women led by the head of the Phoenix Pavilion, Holy Phoenix. Riley followed her closely.

As Holy Phoenix rarely appeared in public, the crowd couldn't help but stare in awe. They wondered whether the head of the Phoenix Pavilion was also interested in Zachary. They weren't even surprised anymore. With talent like Zachary, it was only a matter of time before they came to recruit him as well. The question was, how would Zachary respond?

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