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   Chapter 444 The Weapon Refiner's Secret Skill

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Everyone was aware that only the weapon refiners of Imperial Level could display the Weapon Refining Array. This powerful array helped them condense the energy fire in a better way. Furthermore, it also created a protective shield around it, so as to prevent the chaos prevailing outside from interrupting the refining process.

In short, the weapon that was forged through the Weapon Refining Array, was in no way any ordinary weapon.

Hence, everyone was left stunned when Brandon, a King Level weapon refiner, could display the Weapon Refining Array. That feat alone showcased Brandon's remarkable strength and talent.

Because of this, the audience started to randomly speculate about the battle.

"Looks like the suspense about the decisive battle is over! There is no doubt that Brandon will emerge as the winner!"

"He is able to use the Weapon Refining Array! That itself is such an amazing feat! With such a powerful assistant, nobody can defeat him now!"

"When a weapon refiner of King Level is capable of using the Weapon Refining Array, nobody will be in a position to defeat him, unless his competitor is also able to use the Weapon Refining Array to help him refine a better weapon. But such a situation seems very unlikely!"

On the other hand, there was still a handful of people, who held very high regard for Zachary. After all, Zachary already had an experience of launching a weapon refining aid of Imperial Level. Hence, even if Zachary had limited knowledge on the performance of the Weapon Refining Array, he would be still in a better position. He could always use his Imperial Level weapon refining aid too.

By now the audience was divided into two groups, one supporting Zachary, and the other supporting Brandon.

At the competition field, Brandon took out his prepared materials. There were huge piles of materials, varying in different types and sizes. At least half of them were very rare materials. Seeing them created quite an excited stir among the audience supporting Brandon. Judging from the way Brandon prepared, it was obvious that he wanted to refine a weapon of King Level with only the top notch quality. Moreover, with his Weapon Refining Array, he might be able to refine the most advanced weapon of King Level.

While Brandon showcased his refining materials, Zachary, on the other hand, waved his hand. Suddenly, a huge rock-like shadow, loomed across the sky. Soon, corpses of two huge martial beasts fell from the sky and landed directly on the competition field.

The two corpses of th

ressively performing his tasks? It doesn't seem like he considers this as an important game! Look at how casually he is going about performing his tasks!"

"Yes, he must have gone crazy after he realized he is losing!"

"I think he already knows he is no match for Brandon! That is why he is deliberately doing it!"

Soon sneering comments were coming from all directions. Everyone now looked down upon Zachary.

It was natural for everyone to think so low of him. They could clearly see that Zachary was not following the common refining procedure at all. Everyone felt that he would be unable to produce any decent weapon.

Just at that moment, Zachary took out two martial beast cores at the King Level.

"What? Martial beast cores at the King Level? How is it even possible? Where on earth did he get these rare martial beast cores from?"

Everyone was surprised to see Zachary's martial beast cores. The martial beast core could only be obtained from elite martial beast, which in turn was very rare. It was even rarer than the treasure beast. But Zachary just took out two martial beast cores at the King Level with such ease, as if they were two random stones.

After crushing the two martial beast cores into powder, Zachary took out the nectar made by Anne and poured it into the powder. Then, he mixed both the nectar and the powder.

An hour later, Zachary plucked the Buddha statue from the Ghostly Fire Furnace and applied the mixture of the powder and the nectar on the statue.

At this moment, everyone was dumbfounded. None of them had seen such a weapon refiner who would add more material during the process of refining. This was totally against the nature's law!

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