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   Chapter 442 The Final Round

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Two days later, the stand in the open-air field became crowded with spectators. Loud chants and cheers from the audience echoed throughout the field.

Since it was already the final round of the weapon refining contest, it naturally attracted everyone's attention. The match would determine whether the Shura College could maintain their glory, or the miraculous disciple of the Celestial College could become the only outer disciple who won the champion in the King Level weapon refining contest. Everyone was speculating about the final result even before the final round started.

Of course, there were already many surprises that happened in the former rounds of the contest. Everyone's expectations were greatly surpassed by the talents that were displayed. Therefore, everyone was looking forward to seeing what amazing things would happen in the final round.

However, back at the performance of the winners in the last round, although Zachary and Brandon both had refined an eight-star weapon at the same time, they still fought different opponents. Brandon's opponent, Cole, was more powerful compared to Zachary's. So naturally, Brandon's weapon refining level might be better than Zachary's.

However, in a battle where the two competitors' strength was about the same level, victory or defeat was always decided in a short time. As such, no one could guarantee who would definitely win. Moreover, Zachary was always able to turn the tables at critical moments. From that point, the final battle was full of suspense and excitement.

The Shura College specially set up a reception area for the final round. The designated area was next to the region where Marvin and the senior leaders of the Shura College were seated. It was especially used to receive the high ranking officials from all the major clans and sects who came to watch the battle. Among the honored guests were some influential figures who held the reins of power. Additionally, the number of such influential figures were more than that in the last round.

Except for the absence of the master of the Xuanyuan Clan, several famous figures in the Devil Kingdom were present at the match. Notable warriors like Jaxon of the Xiao Clan and Holy Phoenix, the leader of the Phoenix Pavilion, had all come.

Jaxon didn't seem to feel sad about his son's defeat. With a callous expression, he thought that such a King Level contest wasn't a game worth going all out. Moreover, as the saying went, "The losers are always in the wrong." It was a rather normal situation for someone to lose in a competition. If there was someone to blame, Jaxon could only blame it on the fact that his son's talents were not good enough. Additi

ll win." Katrina made a rather bold declaration as she narrowed her eyes and put her feet down.

Marvin was also stunned as he did not expect Katrina to be so straightforward. She actually said that a disciple of her college had a higher chance of winning. However, he could not refute her remark. In a rather casual tone, he simply replied, "It looks like you have great confidence in Harley!"

"Of course. Since he has entered the final round, I naturally have confidence in him. However, I think if he actually wins this tournament, I'm afraid it will embarrass the Shura College!" Katrina added in a proud voice.

"What? How could that be! If Harley really wins, it will be a great encouragement for the martial artists of our Shura College. It will teach them to work even harder and improve themselves!" said Marvin in a pretentious tone.

"That's good. I was worried that the atmosphere would be awkward if that really happens," said Katrina as she gave a meaningful smile.

Marvin became speechless. All he could do was smile back at Katrina.

On the other side, Pollard, Polly, and Joan remained to watch the battle. However, Jace was not with them as he had already returned to the Qiu Clan.

"Pollard, do you think that Harley will win?" Joan asked Pollard with knitted eyebrows.

"I certainly wish for Harley to win. However, from yesterday's battle with Cole, it seems that Brandon's weapon refining level is very high. It's absolutely a challenge for Harley!" said Pollard in a curious voice.

"Polly, how about you? What do you think about this match?" Joan then turned to Polly.

"I don't care who wins. It's none of my business," Polly replied with a carefree expression.

"Polly, I know you really hope that Harley can win," said Pollard in a meaningful tone.

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