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   Chapter 440 Honey Trap

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"I know, but I will still have a bright future even if you aren't my master. Why trouble yourself to do so then?" Zachary said, voiced laced with pride.

"Ha-ha. Well, as Pollard said, you have a unique personality. There are countless others wanting to be my disciples, but you are the first one to directly question me like that. You're very confident in yourself." Despite being somewhat disappointed at the rejection, Jace managed a laugh. After all, he was appreciative of Zachary not playing up to anyone.

"Ah! Unless you have a reason to persuade me," Zachary exclaimed suddenly, as if he had just changed his mind in that instantaneous moment.

"So you will reconsider?" Jace considered Zachary's words. He stopped for a moment, gathered his thoughts, and then said, "The Energy Refining Skill you just performed belongs to the Qiu Clan'. I have no clue where you, an outsider, acquired it. But if you become my disciple, I promise that I will teach you all the secret weapon refining skills in my clan. I assure you that includes the ones at the premium stage."

"The Energy Refining Skill belongs to the Qiu Clan?" As Zachary heard Jace say such things, solemnity spread across his face. It was Anne that taught him the Energy Refining Skill he had just performed. If it indeed belonged to the Qiu Clan, then the Heavenly Weapon Refining Skill certainly had something to do with the Qiu Clan too.

"You didn't know?" Jace found Zachary's unmasked astonishment. How could he have no idea of the origin of the weapon refining skill he had learned?

"No, I didn't. The weapon refining skills I know are...complex." Zachary shook his head, deciding that the best way to go was to feign ignorance.

"Really? Then how did you learn the Energy Refining Skill?" Jace asked.

"I was looking for a treasure and happened upon it, so maybe it was left by a master of your clan," Zachary said quickly. He looked at Jace to see if he believed the excuse.

"Really? That's possible, but..." Jace could tell that such a thing was too simple and convenient.

At this point, Zachary began to observe Jace intently. He decided then that it would be troublesome if Jace found ou

d be discredited. And so, to deal with the situation, the senior leaders held a secret meeting.

"Dean Marvin, shall we talk with Katrina and let the Celestial College cooperate with us?" Corbin suggested.

"I'm afraid she'll likely refuse. Brandon making it to the weapon refining contest's final shows no reason for their subsequent cooperation. This is instead a good chance for the Celestial College to make a name for itself. If I were Katrina, I'd never miss the opportunity."

"Exactly. What's more, we may even win. We may not have known Brandon prior to this, but need I remind everyone that he defeated Cole? This suggests he's more powerful than Harley, so why the worry?"

"We're talking in hypotheticals. It would be too humiliating if we do lose."

"Well, it's no use to argue. We are unlikely to procure the Celestial College's cooperation. Additionally, we can't do it as we like, but we still have to maintain our college's reputation. As such, which one of you is willing to guide Brandon before the final?" Marvin had a plan of his own. Although tricks were out of the question, secretly helping Brandon wasn't.

"Let me do it," Corbin replied.

Being one of the strongest weapon refiners in the Devil Kingdom earned him a high position in the college, even setting him up to become the next dean. For him, such an arduous task was necessary to maintain the reputation of Shura College.

"Thank you then." Marvin nodded.

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