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   Chapter 435 Choose Anthony

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"I know you haven't told me everything. I know it is your nature to hide things. I wanted to know your secrets, because I thought it would help me understand you, and to guide you to do as I wanted. And yet...the more I observe you, the more I realize that it is the wrong way to approach you. No matter how much I learn, there's more that you keep hidden. Since I can't control you or your future, then you are free to develop as you wish. I will put an end to the matter involving Sophie and the marriage contract. I won't use you to threaten her any longer. Focus on improving your strength in the Devil Kingdom, and when you are ready, you can return to the Enigmatic Kingdom and do as you please," Katrina said. She sighed and looked at Zachary with a hint of regret.

"It sounds like we won't be seeing each other anymore. To be honest, I don't mind you using me. It's not like I lose anything from it," said Zachary honestly. He had known from the beginning that Katrina was using him, but he soon saw that she never actually forced him to do anything. She just used him as an excuse. He had come to realize that although Katrina looked fierce and intimidating, she was quite soft inside. Moreover, he sensed in her a kindred spirit, someone with secrets of her own.

"You are such a fool!" Katrina said, smiling. He had said just the right thing to put her at ease after her long speech.

"Only with you, don't worry," Zachary teased.

She sighed again, and gazed at Zachary. After a moment, she looked away and said, "You said you wanted to win first place in the weapon refining contest, so you must be well-prepared. However, your opponents are not weak. Don't take them lightly. To help you win, I can give you some weapon refining materials that may be useful to you."

With that, Katrina waved her hand, opening the Virtual Air Space. In an instant, various items poured out. They were all materials for weapon refining. There must have been hundreds of items, and they were all rare items. Moreover, many seemed to be at the Imperial or Sage Level.

"There are so many! I

ised of a Sage Level weapon refiner and four Imperial Level weapon refiners.

"Harley, since you refined a higher-star weapon in the last round, the decision is yours. Whom do you choose as your opponent?" asked the Sage Level weapon refiner.

Zachary's gaze swept over Anthony, Cole, and Brandon. Without hesitation, he said, "I choose Anthony."

"A brave choice! You've got guts, I'll tell you that," said Anthony with a sneer. He had been sure Zachary wouldn't dare to challenge him directly. He thought contemptuously that this would be a good opportunity to humiliate Zachary.

"Let's go, Anthony," said Zachary, motioning for his opponent to go to the competition zone.

Anthony raised his chin and marched into the competition zone on the left side. Zachary followed.

When Zachary said Anthony's name, the crowd burst into low chatter and whispers, eager to discuss this latest development with each other. The consensus had been that Zachary should choose Brandon. Of the four competitors, Brandon seemed like the least skilled weapon refiner—well, apart from Zachary, of course, whom many believed had only reached this stage through sheer luck.

In the previous round, Zachary had made use of an Imperial Level weapon refining aid to craft a seven-star King Level weapon. It seemed that he and Anthony had similar cultivation levels. This would be an interesting battle!

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