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   Chapter 434 Beyond Expectation

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"You're too kind, Riley, but I won't refuse your kindness. Thank you," said Zachary. He nodded at Riley with a grateful smile.

"You're welcome," answered Riley. She was quiet for a while, but sudden light flashed across her eyes, and she asked, "By the way, do you know anything about the Phoenix Pavilion?"

"I haven't heard of it. Is it a sect or something like that?" Zachary shook his head and frowned, but Riley looked bewildered at his answer.

"It is the third largest force in the Devil Kingdom, only after the Xuanyuan Clan and the Xiao Clan. I can't believe that you haven't heard of it," she explained and rolled her eyes at Zachary's confused look.

"Have you forgotten that I'm a newcomer here?!" Zachary burst out in embarrassed laughter.

"The Phoenix Pavilion is a sect famous for training female warriors. They are considered influential in the Devil Kingdom with thousands of female disciples. They are also involved in business operations all over the Devil Kingdom, and they have countless properties under their name. Phoenix House is one of them."

"So, you mean that you're also a member of Phoenix Pavilion?" Zachary's eyes immediately brightened in understanding, and Riley smiled at him, impressed.

"That's right." She nodded her head, but Zachary could tell that she still had more to say.

"Why, exactly, are you telling me this?" Zachary probed when she didn't volunteer any information, and she smiled at him pleasantly at this.

"Oh, you are truly intelligent. I told the leader of the Phoenix Pavilion everything about you, and she is also very interested in you, so she wants to meet you," Riley finally answered frankly, and Zachary's eyes widened in surprise.

"The leader of the Phoenix Pavilion wants to meet with me in person? Don't you think too highly of me? I'm a nobody." Zachary shook his head in disbelief because he couldn't see the reason why the leader would want to meet with him.

"Our leader has a great appreciation for talented people, especially those who are low-key yet very capable like you."

"Really? But I'm not talented!" Zachary instantly declined, and he flailed his hands awkwardly like he could wipe the whole conversation away.

"Don't be so modest. I have been paying close attention to you these days, and I know almost everything about you. You and I are fully aware of just how much talent you have!" Riley said with a shrewd look on her face.

"It seems that I can't deny my talent or refuse to meet with your leader. So, when do you want me to meet with her?" Zachary sighed in defeat and finally agreed. He could tell from her face, that sh

gful glance at Zachary, and then she turned around and walked away.

Zachary obediently followed her with his Shadow Pace, and they soon arrived at a beautiful place in Shura College. Hills were covered with green grass and clear water sparkled and rushed in the river. A fresh breeze blew gently along the mangrove forest and gently caressed their skin.

"You did great in the weapon refining contest, and you have exceeded all of my expectations," Katrina started, as they strolled along the mangrove forest.

"There will be something more unexpected," Zachary said as he smirked behind her, which made her stop in her tracks.

"You want to win first place in the weapon refining contest?!" she exclaimed in surprise. Although she knew that he was extremely talented, she didn't think that he was that ambitious. However, she expected him to do something astonishing, and she wouldn't put it past him to accomplish this goal.

"You are brilliant, Master Katrina!" said Zachary, an amused smile on his face.

"You call me brilliant, but if I didn't find out, you would be laughing at me now, right?" Katrina's expression was glacial, and her eyebrows were knitted in a deep frown. It seemed that he had offended her, so he immediately shook his head while his hands were raised in a pacifying way.

"I would never dare to laugh at you, Master Katrina. If it were not for you, I wouldn't have come to Shura College, and if I hadn't come here, I would never have improved so quickly," Zachary said honestly. He had always thought that the astonishing progress he had made once he left Celestial College and came to Shura College was not a coincidence, and he knew now, for sure, that it was his destiny that was unfolding right before his eyes.

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