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   Chapter 433 Enter The Xiao Clan

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Zachary followed Queenie and Rebecca, the two women shopping their hearts out in Zenith City.

"Rebecca, this blusher is good. Buy two more boxes."

"Okay! And this mirror is very beautiful too! Let's take it too!"

"This comb looks nice."

"Ladies, haven't you ever bought anything in your lives? People who don't know you will think you're coming from some poor place and have never seen all these before!" Zachary interrupted exasperatedly as he watched the two girls become excited about everything they saw.

"Shut up!" the two women said in unison as they turned to look at him.

Zachary smiled placatingly, taken aback a little by the bite in their voice.

"Okay then. Can I walk around for a while?" Zachary asked, bored of accompanying them on their shopping quest.

"Go ahead. See you at the tea house later." Queenie and Rebecca waved their hands benevolently, signaling to him to leave.

Overjoyed, Zachary turned and left immediately, wanting to go far away from them.

"What should I do? Go to the Phoenix House to have a chat with Riley? But I think it would be better to have a drink with some beautiful girls in the brothel." His eyes lit up as the idea crossed his mind.

He was deep in thought when a familiar figure walked past him, catching his attention. The person seemed to be in a hurry, looking around every few feet as if on guard against something, which looked suspicious.

'Isn't he the King Level disciple who entered the third stage in the same group with me? He is even stronger than Truman, ' Zachary thought. He turned around to look at the figure, his eyebrows furrowed. He remembered Brandon being strange that day. Zachary had never heard of Brandon before, but the latter had strong strength. Obviously, he had hidden his strength. Zachary concluded that Brandon was only pretending to be weak and was about to launch a surprise attack at any time.

Suddenly, Zachary spotted Brandon entering a conspicuous building. He thought for a moment before following him, unable to contain his curiosity. When he arrived at the building, he saw that it looked like a commercial house that specialized in delivering goods, where people came and went all the time.


ix House.

But he didn't expect to run into Joan there, who was just emerging from the Phoenix House.

"What a coincidence!" Zachary said, by way of greeting.

"Are you here to buy materials?" Joan asked, looking unsurprised.

Zachary nodded and asked, "What about you?"

"I was here to visit a friend," Joan replied.

"Friend?" Zachary raised his eyebrows.

"Yes. I'm leaving now." She walked past him saying thus, leaving Zachary with the feeling that there was a sense of urgency around her demeanor.

"What day is it today? Why does everyone I meet look so mysterious today?" Zachary said, feeling strange. He then turned to a servant, asking him to direct him to Riley.

Before long, he was brought to Phoenix Hall, where Riley was checking accounts.

"Harley, you're here just in time. I heard that you showed extraordinary talents in the King Level contest of the Shura College. Even the outstanding disciple of the Xuanyuan Clan is not a match for you. I intended to ask Billy to send you a gift to congratulate you," Riley greeted him warmly.

"You are truly well-informed!" Zachary said with a smile.

"Of course I am. We are business people. It would be impossible for us to survive if we weren't well-informed. You're here today to pick materials for the next competition, aren't you? All the materials you choose today will be put on my tab, as a way to support you. I hope you get a better result in the competition," Riley said generously.

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