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   Chapter 414 The Elimination Series

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The elimination series began after noon.

More than a hundred King Level disciples were divided into twelve different groups, and each group was brought to a different area in the Shura College.

The twelve competing areas had been arranged in advance. The strongest martial beast was at the peak of the King Level. Even so, it was still a great challenge for King Level disciples since all of them would be competing with each other after entering the area. There was absolutely no safety. If anyone were to encounter a strong martial beast, other disciples would take advantage of the situation. This was also a reason why they needed allies. One lesson from the history of the King Level contest was: fighting alone would yield no good results.

After their preparations in the morning, almost all the King Level disciples had found allies. It was best to form small teams of three, since only three disciples could enter the next round. Two disciples per team meant that they would be disadvantaged in terms of strength. Four or more disciples meant that they would still have to fight for quota.

In the morning, Joan had publicly demanded to ally with Zachary and Queenie. This news had spread and now, everyone knew about it. Most people of the Shura College didn't understand what she was doing, and why she had chosen to ally with their opponents.

There were some people who believed that Joan was cheating Zachary and that she would find a way to sabotage him and make them lose.

The entire Shura College was buzzing with guesses and anticipation before the elimination series began.

When the twelve teams of King Level disciples had gathered in their respective areas, Marvin and the masters of the Shura College arrived in the square. Katrina, an influential figure in the Celestial College, was also present.

She e

good results in the weapon refining contest. However, they have only been studying at our college for a few months. Although they have shown great talents, their weapon refining levels can't increase overnight. You should be very clear about that," Marvin replied with a smile. Marvin knew that Katrina had said that on purpose and as the dean of the Shura College, he was not going to haggle over every ounce.

"I know that. But there are rules in this weapon refining contest and you'd better stick to them, in case people say that our Celestial College has any unfair advantage in the contest," Katrina said.

"All right," Marvin said, nodding.

The square was surrounded by disciples of the Shura College, who had come to watch the contest.

A huge wooden board was now erected on the east side. It was divided into twelve boxes, each box representing a group. Within each box were nine number cards, representing all the disciples in the group. The board was set up to inform the spectators of how each group was faring.

The elimination series would continue to take place until only three disciples remained. As a result, the competition would become fiercer and more attractive as it inched towards the end.

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