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   Chapter 409 Forty Treasures Of King Level

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"Here is the pill. Give me forty treasures of King Level!" Zachary exclaimed to Anthony.

"I'll have people fetch them," Anthony snorted and then immediately instructed his men to get the forty treasures.

During that period, Zachary traded his pills and weapon refining materials for many treasures with other disciples of King Level.

Soon, Anthony's men arrived with a big chest. Then they immediately opened the chest. It was full of treasures of King level, which were blinding.

"Good." Zachary approvingly nodded. He threw the six-grade purple cultivation-aiding pill to Anthony soon after taking a look at the treasures in the chest.

Anthony took the pill at once, as he let out a snort of contempt. But, he didn't mean to let him go that easily. After all, Zachary had traded for more than one hundred treasures, which were enough to make him green with envy.

He immediately gestured to a few disciples of King Level standing next to him. And then under the watchful eyes of the crowd, they suddenly rushed up to the round platform and swiftly surrounded Zachary.

"Anthony, what do you mean by this?" Zachary glanced at him and grunted in a low voice. He had already expected that Anthony would definitely do this.

"We have finished this deal. But I'm afraid we are still not done yet," declared Anthony as a sinister smile emerged on his face.

The disciples around did not dare to make a sound. After all, Anthony was the one they couldn't afford to offend. They all knew that in Shura College, offending him was just like insulting God, and they would undoubtedly die.

Of course, Zachary didn't care about these disciples. With his current strength, if he took action, they would at least be seriously injured if not dead. But he didn't want to cause any trouble to ruin his plan before the King Level contest.

"Let's find a place to talk now," Anthony suggested. He was not so stupid to attack Zachary in front of so many people watching them.

"I don't think we have anything to talk about!" Zachary laughed, with his hands crossing over his chest. He indeed found this rather amusing.

"If you refuse, then don't blame me for being rude to you," Anthony threatened with a ferocious expression on his face. He couldn't help feeling annoyed.

"Then, let me see how rude you will turn out to be,"

ately kicked up a fuss. Although Anthony, who hadn't gone far, entertained great hatred, he could only leave like a rat crossing the street.

"Nothing more. You may all leave now!" Pollard exclaimed and dismissively waved to the disciples around him.

The warriors also turned and left without having some thoughts.

"Thanks, Pollard. Otherwise, I might have lost my temper. He is really an ass kisser!" Zachary gratefully remarked as he beamed at him.

"When I was a disciple, I've heard about his bad reputation. As the young master of the Xiao Clan, he makes trouble everywhere. He's not powerful, but he's talented as a weapon refiner. If you take part in the weapon refining contest, he'll inevitably become one of your strong opponents," Pollard explained as he scorned Anthony with so much disgust.

"He is not a threat to me. But I heard that two disciples in your college, who have been cultivating in seclusion one year ago, are planning to break through to the Imperial Level. It is said that they will also participate in the King Level contest. I believe they are my real opponents," Zachary disclosed as he furrowed his brows.

"You mean Cole and Joan, right? Cole is the most talented disciple in martial arts. It is said that he is now a seventh-star weapon refiner of King Level, but unfortunately, he has not broken through the Imperial Level. So his weapon refining level is still unchanged. Otherwise, his current achievements should be comparable to mine." Pollard nodded in agreement as he thoughtfully revealed his thoughts.

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