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   Chapter 407 A Purple Cultivation-aiding Pill

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Soon, a group of disciples at the Earth Level and the Heaven Level took out their own treasures to trade with Zachary for cultivation-aiding pills. For them, these were highly prized items indeed.

Seeing this, the King Level disciples who were observing no longer kept themselves aloof.

They also opened up their inventories and started exchanging pills and weapon refining materials with Zachary. There wasn't a man there whom he didn't make a deal with.

Before long, everybody present held him in high regard, because he was like a treasure house. It seemed he could offer anything they might possibly need.

For Zachary's part, he didn't think much of all the things he was giving out. Thanks to all the quests from Anne that he'd completed, he had many more pills than he needed. As for the weapon refining materials, he'd gotten a surplus of them from the Pilgrimage Space.

There were two reasons for his sudden appearance at this auction. One was that he wanted to collect more treasures to exchange for treasure-hunting coins. The other was that he simply wanted to clear his collection of everything that he didn't actually want or need.

Soon all the disciples were talking excitedly and looking at Zachary in admiration. But all of a sudden, a certain few individuals entered the crowd. Everyone who saw these newcomers moved aside for them.

A gloomy voice raised itself above the general chatter. "I have a treasure of Scarce Level, a Magic Turtle Jade. It is at the King Level. What can you offer in exchange for it?"

Zachary turned toward the speaker and froze. It was none other than Anthony, the young master of the Xiao Clan.

"Anthony!" Zachary called out. "Long time no see!"

The other man glared at him. "So you're still alive, aren't you? I thought you'd never make it out of the Dark Prison!"

Anthony meant what he said. Indeed, he'd been very happy the past few months, since he'd heard of Zachary being sent to the Dark Prison by the dean.

It had come as a shock yesterday when he suddenly heard of Zachary's safe return to Shura College. Anthony had refused to be

d her eyes. "Don't talk nonsense. Besides, I can't accept a gift for nothing."

"Oh, why not? We're all family, aren't we?" Pollard went on.

Annoyance leaked into Polly's tone. "I won't talk to you anymore if you keep going on like this."

"Okay, I won't say it again." Pollard smiled.

In the meantime, the tension in the crowd started to ease. People were thinking less about Anthony's spat with Zachary and more about the value of the pill that was on display.

It was especially attractive to the disciples at the premium stage of King Level, and many of them started speaking up.

"Bro!" one of them shouted. "I have three King Level treasures! Would you like to exchange?"

"Are you making a fool of yourself?" barked someone else. "I can offer five!"

"Five? Give me a break! This purple pill is worth at least eight, and I'll pay eight!"

And yet more offers came, so quickly that it was hard to keep up. The King Level disciples were very eager to bid.

Zachary grinned down at his challenger. "Anthony, do you still want this? If not, one of these gentlemen will get it."

Anthony stared back up at him with gritted teeth. Much as he hated Zachary, he also wanted that purple pill. With it, he thought that he'd be able to reach a higher level in time for the King Level contest.

He decided to bite the bullet. "I offer twenty treasures at the King Level," he said at last.

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