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   Chapter 405 Weapon Refining Skills

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It was already late when Zachary returned to the farmhouse. He thought that Katrina was still dealing with the warriors of Sage Level from the Shura College. He assumed she would just come tomorrow. He then decided to return to his system and supervise the two girls' training instead. The next morning, he let the two girls who were both physically and mentally exhausted return to their room and rest.

When the two girls got back to the farmhouse, Scott, Katrina, and the others were already there waiting for them.

"Master Katrina," the two girls greeted Katrina with utmost respect.

Zachary also nodded at her to show his respect.

Seeing that Zachary and the two girls came back so early in the morning, the disciples, including Alger, were quite surprised and began to guess where they were the previous night.

"Since everyone is finally here, I have something I'd like to say." Katrina's eyes flickered gently as she continued softly, "The King Level contest of the Shura College is about to begin. This time, they have invited the disciples from our college to participate in the contest, which has never happened before. Since they have shown us sincerity, we should not disappoint them. I hope all of you try your best during the contest."

"Master Katrina, even if you didn't say so, we would give it our all. We are planning to show them our real strength," Queenie answered confidently.

Alger and the other disciples all agreed with her excitedly.

"I know you are all confident but I hope you don't make the mistake of looking down on the Shura College. Yesterday, I learned about the rules of the King Level contest. The contest is composed of a weapon refining contest and a strength contest. Obviously, the weapon refining contest is meant to showcase the skills of weapon refiners. Of course, as you have only been studying in our college for a few months, it would be impossible for you to obtain ideal results against your opponents. I hope you don't end up getting skinned alive. But you have to try your best and show your edge in the strength contest, especially Queenie, Rebecca, and Scott. I know that the three of you are the be


There was not much time left before the King Level contest began so all the disciples who were at the King Level in the Shura College had to make their final preparations. Not only did they try their best to achieve breakthroughs in their strength, but they had to store a large number of pills, cultivation-aiding treasures, casting materials, weapons, etc.

The King Level contest would go on for a long time. Both the weapon refining contest and the strength contest would not end in a short period of time. Therefore, the disciples who participated in the contest would have to prepare themselves very well in order to compete until the end.

For that reason, they would trade valuables among one another before the contest. These would include pills, treasures, materials, weapons etc.

To facilitate the trades among the disciples and to allow them to get what they needed, the Shura College offered a specific venue where they could get together and negotiate.

At that moment, on a large round platform situated on the southeast of the Shura College, almost all of the disciples of King Level from the college gathered for that purpose. In addition, there were also many others at the Heaven Level and the Earth Level. They also took the opportunity to do business and join the fun.

For the vast majority of disciples who were at the King Level, the primary choices for trading were pills, casting materials, and weapons.

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