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   Chapter 402 Watching A Fight

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In fact, Tracy was surprised to hear that Zachary and Pollard were good friends.

"Well, there is nothing more I can say to you now. The King Level contest is just around the corner. Since you were able to return, you need to prepare right away. This time, Master Katrina will also be around to supervise the contest. You should all be in your best behavior throughout the event," Tracy advised as she looked at Zachary sincerely.

"Master Tracy, aren't you afraid that the disciples from our Celestial College will steal the spotlight from your Shura College's own disciples?" Zachary said with a smile on his face.

"Let's see if you are truly capable of doing that. The original number one disciple from our school has just reached the Imperial Level. Not long ago, he has been named a master of the Shura College. Despite that, the Shura College is full of other talents and I am certain we won't be defeated by your Celestial College even if you have the strongest disciple," Tracy said with confidence. She wasn't going to show them any signs of weakness, "I wonder if the number one disciple from the Shura College was Pollard. Is that correct?" Zachary asked because he immediately thought of Pollard after hearing Tracy's words.

"Yes," Tracy replied as she nodded.

"I think it's fortunate that he is a master now. Otherwise, I would have to fight him and I don't want to be his enemy," Zachary commented. He knew that Pollard was extremely talented. He had suffered a lot during his fight against him. He was afraid to face him again.

"You should never take the Shura College's disciples lightly or it will cause you suffering. I have to leave now. Goodbye," Tracy said before she turned around and left.

With a smile on his face, Zachary walked towards the room where Queenie and Rebecca were staying. He knocked at the door but got no response from the inside.

"That's strange. I wonder where they went," said Zachary as he curled his lips.

"They probably went to the east yard five hundred meters away from the farmhouse to cultivate." He suddenly heard a man's voice out of nowhere.

As he turned around, Zachary saw Scott coming out of the other room.

"I see. Thanks, buddy," Zachary answered with a big smile on his face.

"Don't call me that," Scott responded indifferently. There wasn't any expression on his face at all, as if he was a dead m

was training in the Dark Prison for a few months, there was no way he could have exceeded the fourth grade of King Level. They knew it was unlikely for him to be at the same level as them when it came to strength. It was surprising that he was able to identity their weaknesses with ease.

For him, the fight between Queenie and Rebecca was like a game being played by children. He could easily see through their every move without even using his Energy Perception Technique.

"Well, I was just guessing as I watched," Zachary replied awkwardly. He also noticed that he probably behaved so arrogantly that it caught their attention, so he shook his hands hastily.

"Don't lie to us! How did you do it?" Queenie asked firmly. Of course, she didn't believe Zachary's lame excuse.

"I don't feel so good. Maybe I should leave now." Zachary made up another excuse in an attempt to dodge the question.

"We won't allow you to leave!" Seeing that Zachary wanted to escape, they both swung their bodies towards him. They both tried to block his way and capture him.

But before they could even grab him, Zachary suddenly disappeared from where he was. He then appeared right behind them with one hand on each side before finally disappearing with both of them.

By the time they reacted, they were already in the weapon refining room of Zachary's system.

"Are you ready for the upcoming examination? If you fail to pass the examination, you shall be severely punished!" Zachary said with a grin on his face.

Hearing what he said, Queenie and Rebecca looked at each other with fear.

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