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   Chapter 399 Katrina Shows Up

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"It was them who forced Harley—" Queenie tried to defend themselves.

She might have said something then, but a fierce glare from Katrina reduced her to silence.

"Take all the treasure beasts back," Katrina shouted.

Queenie and the others did as they were told, not daring to protest.

Seeing this happened, the grey-robed master also took his treasure beast back. Katrina's sudden appearance had brought the chaotic scene to a halt, but the stillness and quiet were uneasy. Even the two masters were wary of breathing too loud.

Katrina turned to them. "Masters," she said, "please forgive them for offending you."

The two masters were of a moderate temperament, neither imperious nor humble, and they had to respect her. They cupped their hands before them in a gesture of respect, and one of them said, "Of course, Master Katrina. We realize this must be just some misunderstanding."

"That's good," Katrina replied with a nod. "Now please get out of my way!"

"What?" one of the masters sputtered. Both were too stunned to react.

Katrina's conciliatory smile had completely evaporated. "I've been informed that the Shura College sent a certain individual into the Dark Prison for cultivation: Harley, who is from the Celestial College. Since then there's been no news concerning him. So I'm here on behalf of Celestial College, in the hopes that Shura College will have an explanation for this. Of course, before that, I'd like to see Harley myself to make sure he is all right."

The two masters felt a chill go through them that set their hands and feet trembling. They were in a dilemma now. If they let Katrina go over, they naturally wouldn't be able to provide an explanation for the higher authorities. But if they tried to stop her, they'd be taking their lives in their hands, and, most likely, they would lose.

Meanwhile, Queenie and the others felt considerable relief after hearing what Katrina had said. They knew there would be hell to pay if Katrina didn't get what she was after, so surely the Shura College had to give an explanation.

Just then, though, Tracy came over with two other masters in tow. As soon as they came in, they understood that someone at the Sage Level was present. Katrina's aura was too immense for anyone to miss. Seeing the new arrivals,

h her tears. "The Shura College must be trying to deceive us. I've long felt that they have some plans about Harley!"

Her reaction and particularly her show of concern for Zachary surprised more than a few of those present. Queenie was generally cold, detached, and as aloof as a queen. Hardly anything could faze her. However, things with her were different after the time she had spent with Zachary. Although she hadn't talked about it, her relationship with him, and for that matter with Rebecca, was now much more friendly than before. Very few people ever got to see her soft side, and she was not ready to believe that Zachary was dead.

"Is this how things are done at the Shura College?" demanded Katrina, her voice low but dangerously livid. "It seems that you want to be our enemy. In that case, I can promise there will be a fight!" The next instant, the power of her aura surged, and everyone present flinched in alarm.

No one was more on edge than Tracy, who perfectly understood what kind of disastrous consequences could be caused by this incident. Still, part of her was impressed with how highly Katrina thought of Zachary.

Katrina's threat seemed to have shocked the whole room into paralysis. Nobody of Shura College knew what to do.

When the situation seemed totally out of control, a new voice cut through the awful silence. "Man, is it lively in here?! Are you all here just to welcome me back? I'm a little embarrassed!" The voice was familiar, as was the good-natured chuckle that followed these words.

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