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   Chapter 398 Going To The Burial Abyss

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"Now that the Shura College won't let us see Harley, we need to find a way ourselves. It is our only option. If you are willing to help us, I will never forget it and we will be eternally grateful. Besides, I know that you have a good relationship with him. I have a feeling that you also want to know what is happening to him," Queenie said. They had never seen her behave so gently.

"I think you should take this seriously. The Burial Abyss is a forbidden and dangerous area within the Shura College. The consequences you will face once they catch you breaking into a forbidden area would be very heavy. I highly advise you to ask Master Tracy first before you make any rash decisions," Polly said. She was hesitant to go with them to the Burial Abyss without permission.

"I'm afraid that Master Tracy has been hiding something from us and deliberately dragging us on," Rebecca said as her eyes grew solemn. "If she really had plans to let us go there, she would have done it a long time ago. Why did she keep on delaying us with all her excuses? She doesn't even give us any updates on the situation. We are all very worried about Harley and we can't just sit and wait."

"What you just said makes a lot of sense. I already asked Master Tracy about this. But she was a bit hesitant and refused to tell me anything. She just said that it would take some time to arrange everything," Polly responded as she shook her head. She also found it strange that Zachary hadn't returned after being gone for several months. The training there wouldn't usually last longer than three months unless it was a special case. He shouldn't have been gone that long since he was in the Dark Prison which was known to be a very dangerous place. The fact that they hadn't heard from him in a while was definitely out of the ordinary.

"We have no other choice!" Queenie replied coldly.

"Why don't you go back first? I will ask Master Tracy again. If she tells me anything, I will tell you right away. The King Level contest is only a few days away. I don't think it's the right time to be causing any trouble!" Polly suggested. She did not want anything bad to happen to them while the contest was just around the corner.

"We appreciate your kindness. But if we don't see Harley soon, we won't take part in the King Level contest unless Master Tracy finally gives us an explanation," Queenie said in a serious tone.

Hearing Queenie's decisive words, Polly could not help but shake her head helplessly. She then thought for a while and said, "Fine. Let's do this. I will be right behind you. If you can break through the first area, I will go to the Dark Pris

the others. As a result, the gray wolf became timid and dared not to start the fight as it was faced against their four treasure beasts.

The two masters weren't cowards. As the wolf held the four treasure beasts in play, they took the opportunity to rush towards Queenie and others. They wanted to catch them first before they could react.

Of course, Queenie and her companions weren't simply waiting for their deaths. They were also prepared to fight.

A fight with great disparity in strength was about to begin. An orange-golden shadow suddenly flew over them. The strong energy at the Sage Level instantly filled the air and shocked everyone!

At the same time, everyone present couldn't help but look at the falling figure. As soon as her true body was exposed, everyone was speechless. They all felt thwarted compared with the figure.

"Master Katrina!" Queenie and her friends were overjoyed to see the beautiful golden figure.

As for the two masters from the Shura College, their expressions changed the moment they heard Queenie cry out the woman's name. They had never thought that the famous woman from the Celestial College would suddenly appear in their territory. Katrina was a name they had been hearing for the longest time.

At that moment, Katrina was silent. Normally, it would be hard for people to read her emotions. But apparently, she was not in a good mood as well. She went straight to Queenie and said seriously, "You're too presumptuous! How dare you try to break into the forbidden area of the Shura College! You're going to make people think that disciples from our Celestial College are extremely rude. They would say that you have no respect towards the seniors. If you continue to mess around, you'll be in great trouble!"

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