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   Chapter 397 Tyson

Treasure-hunting: Into the Unknown By Wen Nanyin Characters: 7898

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The other disciples present couldn't believe their own eyes. They couldn't believe that Zachary was able to break Michael's legs before he even had the chance to fight back.

Tyson was also surprised. He did not expect the improvement in Zachary's strength to be this huge after only several months.

"I will kill you with all I've got!" As a man who had lost his senses, Michael was exasperated. But no matter how hard he tried to move his legs, they wouldn't respond to him at all.

Zachary looked disdainfully at Michael before he looked around and announced, "Listen up, guys. From this point forward, Tyson is the new leader of Master Willis' group. Anyone who disagrees with me will have to fight me to the death."

When the disciples heard him, they all trembled in fear as their faces turned pale. It was difficult for them to move, and none of them had the guts to go against Zachary. It seemed that they were completely paralyzed by his tremendous power.

"If you have nothing else to say or do, you can all leave now. Do not forget to take him away with you..." Zachary waved his hand as he pointed at Michael.

Michael's followers immediately walked up to him and carried him away as fast as they could.

"You brat, I will never forget what happened here. You will regret this, just wait and see!" Michael shouted with resentment as they carried him away.

At that moment, Tyson came up to Zachary with his hands cupped and said gratefully, "Thank you for your help, I really appreciate it!"

"Don't mention it. I didn't do any of it for you. I just hate his guts. I'm sure you will be a great leader in the future!" Zachary smirked. 'I'm not doing this for you at all, ' he thought to himself.

"If that's the case, I still owe you a favor. If you need any help in the future, don't hesitate to ask me!" said Tyson sincerely.

"I will once you return to the college." Zachary did not refuse. Making a new friend was way better than having another enemy.

"We haven't seen each other in months. I can tell that you have improved a lot!" exclaimed Tyson with admiration in his eyes. Although Zachary's cultivation level didn't really change, Tyson clearly felt that his strength was much more intimidating now. He was able to kill Charley back then, and now he was able to cripple Michael without exerting much effort. This showed how

ntrance of the Burial Abyss, they saw a beautiful figure standing right in front of them.

"The timing of your arrival is perfect!" Queenie remained very calm as she saw the beautiful figure.

It was Polly.

In fact, Queenie and Rebecca already discussed beforehand when they decided to go to the Burial Abyss. Considering that they were not familiar with the place and that it would be difficult for them to go through the heavy guards, they decided to ask help from Polly. They were hoping that she could go to the Burial Abyss ahead of them to see what it was really about.

Polly also felt strange when she heard that Zachary had been missing in action for such a long time. Although it was she who had sent him to the Burial Abyss, she didn't know about the succeeding situation because she was preoccupied with her own cultivation. She had been paying close attention to Zachary, so the moment she heard their request, she immediately visited Tracy to tell her that she planned to go to the Burial Abyss. However, Tracy didn't allow her to do so and she immediately felt that she was hiding something from her.

On the previous day, after Queenie and Rebecca finally decided to go to the Burial Abyss, they tried to ask for Polly's help once again. They were hoping that she could lead the way for them. They didn't expect her to agree at first, but if she could help them, it would take a lot of burden out of their hands.

"Are you sure you want to push through with this?" Polly asked with a frown as she stared at the four people with her beautiful eyes.

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