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   Chapter 396 The Punishment

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Before Tyson could retreat, Michael dashed in front of him all of a sudden and hacked at him. He seemed to want to attack Tyson by surprise. Tyson, on the other hand, had already assumed that Michael would strike while the iron was hot. So he agilely stepped in the air and jumped one meter higher. When he passed over the head of Michael, he skillfully stretched out his arm and hacked at Michael from the top of his head.

Michael's face changed in an instant. Anticipating the assault, he adeptly hoisted his saber to ward off the attack.

Roughly, Tyson's iron arm had knocked directly at Michael's saber, causing a buzz of vibration. And the two streams of martial energy continued to fight against each other in the air. Since Tyson was in a condescending position, he had a definite advantage. He kept his legs up while at the same time pedaled forcibly in the air. As a result, his martial energy turned into the spiral force, aiming at Michael's face.

As soon as he realized that the situation was not good for him, Michael immediately waved his other hand to resist the attack. But unfortunately, he was not that prepared well. He was directly sent to the ground, under the strong leg force from Tyson. With a loud bang, he slipped back for a few meters before he steadied himself, causing the dust flying in the air.

Similarly, Tyson landed on the ground, standing with his hands behind his back.

Watching all this, Tyson's followers cheerfully exclaimed and applauded with excitement all of a sudden.

"Ha-ha..." But moments later, a peal of loud laughter suddenly reverberated, causing all the other people to be stunned. They all turned their gaze at the direction where it came from, only to recognize that Michael appeared from the dust that had not yet dissipated. Although he looked a little messy, it seemed that he did not suffer any damage. He was indeed pretty strong with the strength at the ninth grade of King Level.

"Good, good. It seems that you have improved your strength again," Michael mockingly grunted with a dark face as he stared at Tyson rather coldly.

"It's not too late if you yield to me now," Tyson responded. He was still very calm, seemingly unaffected.

"Yield to you? You must be kidding me. Do you really think you don't have to pay anything for hitting my leg?" Michael groaned with a vicious expression on his face. He was furious, wearing a contorted expression.

Hearing Michael's provocation, Tyson grew more serious. But then, he realized that his leg which had hit Michael earlier felt numb. And it gave him an uncomfortable sensation.

"Let me see how you can show off without one of your legs!" Michael sneered. Then in a split-second, he sprinted forward as he waved his saber in a quick, fluid motion. As a result, saber shadows began to emerge in the air.

Michael's figure soon outran his saber shadows as he ferociously launched his attack. Tyson, in response, swiftly dodged sideward. But since his right leg was numb, he failed

tingly divided into three parts. So the attacking power could not be underestimated.

However, Zachary just smiled and adeptly waved three palm shadows in a row to fight against the three moon-shaped auras as if flicking his fingers against a fly.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Loud bangs were heard the next moment they collided in the air. Generally speaking, Michael's saber auras would have the upper hand. But what surprised everyone was that Zachary's three palm shadows completely destroyed Michael's auras.

Michael also widened his eyes and stared keenly at Zachary. It was hard for him to accept what had just happened.

"Do you still want to continue the fight?" Zachary asked indifferently with a smiling face.

Of course, Michael wouldn't give up. He suddenly let out a loud yell and charged straight in front of Zachary. He then used the two skills that had made him famous in succession to hit him. Unfortunately, he couldn't even touch his clothes.

All the disciples fixed their eyes on the fight with their mouths ajar in shock. They stood motionless.

"You've made three moves. If you continue to fight back, you will be humiliating yourself," reminded Zachary with his hands casually clasped behind his back.

But at that point, Michael had been infuriated to the extreme. For him, turning back was not an option. All he wanted was to use his martial skills without hesitation to hit Zachary. But unfortunately for him, the latter didn't plan to waste his time anymore. Unexpectedly, Zachary turned into a shadow in the blink of an eye and brushed past him.


Long before he could even grasp what had happened, Michael had unknowingly knelt on the ground, with his hands down. What was more, he couldn't feel his legs anymore.

"I'll take your legs. From now on, you'll be confined to a wheelchair. Consider this to be the punishment for the evil things you have done all the time!" Zachary concluded in a cold voice while standing less than a meter away from Michael.

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