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   Chapter 395 Martial Energy Of Imperial Level

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To break out of the energy vortex, Zachary had to penetrate the Life and Death Acupoints. However, the flowing air's high speed as well as the unpredictable and formless energy had greatly increased the penetration difficulty.

But he had no other choice but to take that chance!

For the remainder of the time, he focused all of his effort into the penetration process until he could almost see through the energy vortex's pattern. While his effort had shown some success, it wasn't nearly enough.

After a few hours, he'd made more progress. He had already seen through the energy circulation's path. But if he wanted to really get through it, he had to clearly see the path and observe the density of the energy to find the position of the Life and Death Acupoints.

However, he was almost driven to the extreme. He was exhausted physically and mentally, and affected by the inner demon, he was nearly collapsed. But the more tired he was, the stronger his willpower would be aroused.

Suddenly, he felt a strong restlessness in his body. His blood was boiling as a very violent force instantly filled him up.

He was shocked. He was very familiar with this power. It was that of the Demonic Wolf Blood.

'But the Demonic Wolf Blood should have been taken out. How come traces of it remain in my body?'

At the same time, in the Fairy Island's bamboo house, Tania was staring at the container with the Demonic Wolf Blood sealed in it. Its container was shaking non-stop. The blood inside it seemed to be restless.

"Did he activate the Demonic Wolf Blood's power? It seems like he's at a critical moment right now. He is on the verge of making a breakthrough and reaching the Imperial Level. He should have found out by now that I haven't completely taken out the Demonic Wolf Blood inside his body. It's very valuable. Even if a warrior's body contained a small part of it, it would go a long way in helping them out. But if he can't reach the Imperial Level, all my efforts will have been in vain. Why am I even trying to help him? It's weird. I don't understand it myself." Tania blinked. It was strange for her to want to help Zachary, so she didn't know why she was doing it. She waved her hand and the container with the Demonic Wolf Blood's seal returned to a cabinet. Later, she left in a

reaching a stalemate, the saber and the iron arm parted for a bit, but they collided again in the blink of an eye.

Both weapons crisscrossed, constantly flashing in the air. Their movements were too quick to be clearly visible.

Of course, this kind of confrontation was only a test. It was a warm-up for two disciples at the ninth grade King Level in order to find out each other's weaknesses.

The goal was to see who could find out their opponent's weakness first.

It was apparent that Michael was stronger than Tyson as a whole. However, Tyson's iron arm was made of very rare Black Steel and century-old Ironwood. His iron arm was at a higher rank than Michael's saber. Therefore, even though Michael was stronger, it wasn't that easy for him to get through Tyson's strong defense.

But Michael was known for his cruelty. So, he'd do anything in order to win. It didn't take Michael long though to find Tyson's vulnerable point. He hit Tyson with his saber as a strong martial energy of King Level rushed out from it.

"Wild Saber Attack!" Wild martial energy rushed out from the saber, like a lion wildly thrashing in all directions.

The power wasn't one to be underestimated!

As soon as he saw the scattered and ferocious saber shadows' aggressive approach, Tyson fearlessly waved his iron arm in the air.

"Hundred-Arm Strike!" Tyson waved his iron arm in an instant and rushed out like a shadow.

The arm and the saber collided with each other. The light flashed through the sky blinding everything in sight.

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