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   Chapter 393 Scissors-shaped Weapon

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It almost pained Zachary when he saw the scissors-shaped weapon. It was a very useful MH weapon and had been much help to him on the God Worship Island.

Almost at the same time, the Heavenly Flaming Wheel suddenly spun incredibly fast, out of which a bright flame in the shape of a snake immediately shot out and directly rushed towards him.

Seeing that the situation was getting worse, Zachary took out a shield again. However, as soon as he took it out, the flame reached him. The shield immediately burned a blazing red, changing its form into a mere scrap of iron. Even his hand was burned in the process, giving off a smell of burning flesh.

"Damn it! It's too powerful!" Zachary threw away the useless shield and shook his burning hand to douse the fire.

Of course, the Heavenly Flaming Wheel didn't stop there. It circled around Zachary once. Wherever it went, the flame fell and instantly it burst into a bright light and rose towards the sky. It shot up dozens of feet high, forming into a thick flame cover. Soon it began to compress, thereby leaving Zachary with no way out.

Zachary immediately took out a few body protective weapons to defend himself, but unfortunately, they were all completely useless. They were either damaged all completely ruined because of the flame.

By now, the range that the flame covered had been reduced to less than one meter in diameter. Zachary soon began to feel so hot that he knew he would soon be grilled. He estimated that it wouldn't be long before he would be roasted alive. Although the King of Weapon Refining promised that he wouldn't die, his life would be meaningless if he became an invalid!

Therefore, no matter what, he was not going to just sit by and wait for death. His eyes flashed and he immediately summoned Illusory Dragon Spine. Even though he knew that Illusory Dragon Spine couldn't be a match for the Heavenly Flaming Wheel, he could at least solve the burning issue.

In an instant, the Illusory Dragon Spine shot out. The flame cover that had enveloped Zachary was instantly attracted by the Illusory Dragon Spine. It gathered itself and rushed towards the Illusory Dragon Spine. In the blink of an eye, the Illusory Dragon Spine absorbed all its power, and soon the flame cover disappeared.

At the same time, the Illusory Dragon Spine suddenly burst into flames and r

sory Dragon Spine and the Heavenly Flaming Wheel, dimmed and dropped to the ground one by one.

"What?" The man was also shocked as he witnessed the scene. He just could not believe his eyes. His power was completely useless in front of this mysterious shadow.

Just then, the blue light expanded, out of which appeared an ice shadow. A surging aura filled the whole space in an instant.

"Master Anne..." The man was flabbergasted and even faltered when he recognized the form.

Of course, the ice shadow was none other than Anne.

"Master Anne, he bullied me and even wanted to take away my Illusory Dragon Spine," Zachary accused, pointing at the man.

Anne glanced at the man with her beautiful eyes, and said coldly, "What my disciple just accused you of, is it true?"

"Well... that's a misunderstanding! You know I would do nothing of that sort!" The man suddenly changed his attitude and immediately smiled.

"A misunderstanding?! Where is that arrogant King of Weapon Refining? You've changed so quickly because you are afraid of my master, right?" Seeing his changing colors, Zachary immediately disdained him. However, he felt something amiss. The man should be very powerful since he had so many Divine Level weapons. Then why did he falter after seeing Anne? No matter how strong Anne was, she was still only at Holy Level.

The man's face darkened when he heard what Zachary said, but he dared not to say anything. It was obvious that he was very afraid of Anne.

"Did my disciple pass the test?" Anne enquired as she continued to glare.

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