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   Chapter 389 The God Of War

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"Let me assume this. If the Jade Dragon didn't die just like that and all of a sudden, but was killed by the God of War, then that could explain everything. The God of War appeared suddenly just as the humans on the God Worship Island were about to be annihilated. The God of War then defeated the beasts and imparted his cultivation methods to the humans. He killed an ancient diabolic beast that had provided power to the humans living on the island. So the humans lost their power to protect themselves and couldn't survive. So he had to make it up to the humans by teaching them all the skills he knew. That could explain everything!" Zachary murmured, analyzing the situation as he went. His brows cleared as he gradually came to his senses. But this conjecture would amount to nothing if there was no solid evidence.

It meant that he had to find actual evidence that could prove that the God of War had killed the Jade Dragon.

But even the humans on the island hadn't been able to gauge that the God of War, who they worshiped all the time, had actually killed the Jade Dragon. And the God of War must have already destroyed all evidence, leaving no trace of what had happened.

Zachary couldn't help but shake his head at these thoughts. He was close to the truth, but if there was no evidence, everything would be in vain.

"It's a pity the Jade Dragon had no brain remaining. Or I could have asked Mimi to try and read its memory and find out what happened," Zachary said to himself. His gaze shifted to the Jade Dragon and he started, an idea springing to his mind as his eyes fell on the Jade Dragon's heart that had turned hard. "Mimi, can you read the dragon's memory through the heart?"

"Theoretically, I could do that. But it can only be achieved through the system's advanced identification mode. However, with the current repair degree of the system, the advanced identification mode can't be activated," Mimi replied.

"Then you can't do it," said Zachary, pursing his lips and trying to quell his disappointment.

"There is another way. I can provide a connection between your brain and its heart. The memory the heart carries can then be directly transferred into your brain. But this kind of connection is very dangerous, and it may cause damage to your brain. What's more,

the human beings.

But at the God of War's words, he realized that the truth wasn't as simple as he had thought it to be. It was obvious to him now that the God of War wasn't as righteous as he looked.

"I won't let you take the God Worship Island, and I won't let my people get involved in conflicts of interest among the humans," the Jade Dragon said furiously.

"Your people? Ridiculous! Are you saying that you, an evil beast who feeds on human beings, want to control the humans on the island? I advise you to give up. We human beings will never be controlled by an evil beast like you," the God of War sneered coldly. He then pointed his flaming ax at the Jade Dragon.

"It's better than being ruled by such a hypocritical villain like you! You are just using the weaknesses of the human beings to satisfy your ambition," the Jade Dragon sneered back scornfully.

"My ambition?" the God of War snorted. "You know me well. My ambition is to make humans the strongest race on this continent and not be threatened by evil beasts like you. Is there something wrong with that?" And the God of War burst into raucous laughter.

"So do you think it is alright to sacrifice thousands of people's lives to satisfy your ambition?" the Jade Dragon shouted.

"If blood needs to be shed in exchange for unity and peace in the future, everything will be well worth it," the God of War shouted back.

"That's your own business, but I will never allow you to dig your finger into the God Worship Island," the Jade Dragon swore.

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