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   Chapter 385 Summoning Token

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"This is more useful than any other treasure I've seen before!" Zachary exclaimed as he immediately put away the Summoning Token. He knew that it was the kind of treasure that could save his life when the time came.

"Whether you will make a breakthrough and reach the Imperial Level or not during this period of time in the Pilgrimage Space depends on your own efforts. However, even if you fail to make it, a month of training in the Pilgrimage Space is equivalent to a year of regular cultivation," Anne said and waved her hand. "Go ahead."

Zachary nodded and smiled. He then left the Living-dead Tomb to return to the system.

"Because you were able to comprehend the unique skill taught by Anne, your friendship level with her also increased to level 3," Mimi said in a sweet voice.

"Wow! Level 3! I need to work harder!" Zachary sighed as he began to prepare himself before going to the Pilgrimage Space.

Before night came, he was ready to go.

"Mimi, it usually takes a lot of treasure-hunting coins to enter the Pilgrimage Space, right?" asked Zachary.

"Yes, the amount is based on how long you plan to stay inside the space. The base unit is half a month. For every half a month you stay inside the space, you would have to pay five hundred treasure-hunting coins," Mimi replied.

"That is quite expensive. I have only over a thousand treasure-hunting coins left but I guess it would be enough for an entire month," Zachary calculated and said. "Tell me more about the Pilgrimage Space."

"Once you're inside the Pilgrimage Space, you will be teleported to a random area. You would have to stay there for at least half a month. You will then be teleported to another area. In the Pilgrimage Space, your cultivation speed will be doubled. Moreover, based on the nature and the strength of the martial beasts you kill, you will get a certain amount of Exp points that can be accumulated over time. Once you leave the area, these Exp points will be converted into treasure-hunting coins based on their set rates."

"I didn't know I can earn back my treasure-hunting coins by killing beasts in the space. T

se don't say that. It's okay to say it in front of me but not near anyone else. Although you are from the Celestial College, you can't disrespect our dean like that," Tracy said in a serious tone.

"But you are not showing any respect to us either!" Queenie had no intentions of sparing her. "Anyway, I don't care. If you still refuse us to let us see Harley, we also refuse to just sit and watch."

Her statement gave Tracy a headache. She was afraid that Queenie would inform the Celestial College about everything that happened. Perhaps she had already done it and the Celestial College was waiting to see what happened next. Once things went out of control, she wouldn't be able to hide any of it anymore.

"Master Tracy, we don't mean to make things difficult for you, but the least you can do is to let us see him." Though Rebecca softened her voice, there was still a hint of strength in her tone.

"I cannot promise you anything. I will try my best to arrange a meeting for you and Harley before the King Level contest. Just wait for another month. In addition, our college is inviting you to participate in the King Level contest and I hope you have enough time to prepare for it. If you can get good results in the contest, it will bring honor to your college. We should deal with Harley's situation at a later date. You don't need to be distracted by any of it." Tracy tried her best to calm them down.

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