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   Chapter 383 The Clone

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Although the clone had only displayed the simplest and most common martial skill, Zachary still didn't stand a chance against him. He was at a disadvantage and at this rate, defeat was inevitable. Focusing all his strength, he tried to scan the circulation of energy and the weakness in the clone's body by applying the Energy Perception Technique. But unfortunately, it just as Anne had said before, if the opponent's speed was far greater than his, it would be impossible to perceive the enemy's energy circulation. Moreover, the martial skill displayed by the clone was effortless and without any flaw, rendering Zachary clueless as to how to fight him.

Before long, Zachary had reached his limit. Sweat dripped over the wounds on his body as he gasped for breath. This was the first time he had felt such unbearable pressure when facing a more powerful opponent than him. It was as if he was spiraling down into an abyss of despair.

However, Zachary was not the type of person who would sit and wait for death. He still had one more trick up his sleeve he had yet to use. Since he could not break the energy circulation of the clone or his martial skill, Zachary had no choice but to take the plunge and fight to the death.

With his eyes wide with renewed fervor, he released the power from the Holy Bone Bracer. In a flash, his arm turned into a ferocious ghost hand and stretched towards the clone, intending to use his spiritual skill to take down his foe.

However, just as Zachary had displayed his spiritual skill, the clone also materialized a red ghost hand. As mighty as the blue ghost hand was, its red counterpart was even more devastating due to the sheer ferocity of its nature. Some believed it to be the actual hand of the Devil himself.

The moment the two ghost hands collided, the sound of a loud thunder clap reverberated, igniting a ball of pure energy, billowing outwards and escaping through the sections destroyed by the blast wave. When the dust settled, the fight continued as both ghost hands were locked in a deadly battle.

However, as time went on and Zachary's strength waned, the red hand started to gain more dominance, passing over the blue hand and grabbing Zachary by the neck.


An immense martial energy of Imperial Level exploded with dazzling red light, throwing Zachary to the ground like a ragged doll. As he spat out a mouthful of blood, it was becoming painfully obvious that he was at the end of his journey.

"You really are just a good-for-nothing fellow!" Just then, Zachary saw the f

e state mentioned in the legends?" Staring with awe at the sudden change to his body, Zachary believed it to be the Sacred Body-protecting Technique that Andrew had mentioned earlier.

When the clone realized that Zachary survived the attack unscathed, the expression on his face became vicious. As if he had been humiliated, he charged forward with mad rage. The originally one red hand turned into two and grabbed Zachary, trying to force their way through the red stream of light and tear him apart.

The clone's irritation at Zachary's escape from his previous attack was fervent. As he tried to break through Zachary's invincibility, Zachary released the power of the Dog Soul Ring to help him fully exert the Energy Perception Technique and improve his five senses to the maximum limit, because he knew that he had only one shot at this. That shot would determine whether he was either to live or die.

Fifteen minutes had passed by so quickly, and it felt like it had gone by in the blink of an eye.

The red light protecting Zachary's body started to dim and fade away. It was clear that the effects were starting to wear out. The clone exerted more force, slowly piercing through the force field. The two red ghost hands were about to reach Zachary's body, and if they really hit him, he would be torn in half immediately.

Zachary, however, was still motionless, immersed in his own world and unaware of what was happening to his body. Shortly after, the red light withered and died out.

The clone shrieked with murderous joy as he clutched at Zachary's chest with two ghost hands. Blood oozed from Zachary's wound and it seemed as though nothing could stop the inevitable tragedy.

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