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   Chapter 381 Protective Martial Energy

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"It seems you can see it. It's faster than I expected. I initially thought you would need at least two days, or even longer." Out of a sudden, Anne's voice came through. She was standing right behind Zachary.

"Ha-ha, Master Anne, you looked down upon me!" Zachary exclaimed with a self-satisfied smile. He felt pleased.

"The tree is growing from the ground, so its energy would move from the bottom to the top. Since it is merely an ordinary tree, it is hard for it to grow and expand its energy. Accordingly, as the tree grew bigger physically, its energy flow doesn't change. As a result, the aura it possesses is quite thin. And for warriors, as they cultivate, their aura will become thicker. However, the thicker the aura is, the more likely there would be flaws," explained Anne in a soft but firm tone.

"Why? I think the thicker the aura is, the harder it is to see through the aura." Obviously, this was totally out of Zachary's expectation. He stared at Anne with a deep frown, seemingly confused.

"It's quite simple. If you have a piece of paper and a stack of paper in front of you, which one do you think has more obvious gaps?" Anne asked.

"Of course, it's the stack of paper. There's no gap with a piece of paper!" Zachary confidently claimed without even giving it a thought.

"That's right. Therefore, the thinner the aura is, the less likely people would find its flaws. Likewise, the thicker the aura is, the more likely people would find its flaws. The same applies to martial arts. A skill of premium stage may look powerful but not necessarily useful. Sometimes, a simple one may help you defeat the opponent because it is less likely to have flaws in martial energy. If a skill is too powerful, once the opponent finds its flaws, the consequence would be lethal!" Anne considerately explained. "In an energy flow, there will be inevitable flaws. Remember, sometimes, there is no need to comprehend an opponent's Life Acupoint and Death Acupoint. If you can easily spot the flaws in the opponent's energy circulation, then undoubtedly, you can also defeat the opponent."

"I see. Master Anne, you split the tree with just one slash yesterday. You must have done it by targeting the Death Acupoint, right?" Zachary prompted inquisitively.

"That's right.

in the test," Anne said and stared at him intently. "I have told you before that you shouldn't learn the Energy Perception Technique. And comprehending the technique before you reach the Imperial Level is nearly impossible. However, you're able to see the energy flow in merely two days, which is unbelievably exceptional. Most warriors can't even see it for their whole lives. And ordinarily, it takes at least ten years to comprehend the Energy Perception Technique."

"That long?" Zachary couldn't help exclaiming. Surprise overwhelmed him after she honestly disclosed this new understanding to him without holding back.

"It's not considered long. If you know the Energy Perception Technique, you can surely take the upper hand among the warriors of the same level. Even if the warriors are more powerful than you, they will undoubtedly lose if they carelessly expose their weaknesses. Therefore, as long as you use the Energy Perception Technique properly, the skill will be more deadly than any martial skill or spiritual skill," Anne asserted reassuringly in a stern voice.

"Then, do you have any methods to speed up the cultivation of the Energy Perception Technique?" Zachary asked without sounding unduly curious as he raised his eyebrows, looking earnest.

"A lot of real battles can help you improve your perception of energy. So, do you know what you should do next?" Anne suggested.

"Got it." The corners of Zachary's mouth slowly curled up into a smile. Then he quickly left the Living-dead Tomb.

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