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   Chapter 380 The Energy Flow

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On the other side, Zachary, who was thought to be dead, was in the Peach Blossom Forest. He continued to wave his dual swords towards a large tree, leaving deep marks on the trunk.

But his mind was elsewhere. He shook his head discontentedly as he continued to wave the swords. He had been doing this for one whole day and night.

"Is Master Anne teasing me on purpose? But no matter how I cut, I can't bring down such a big tree without my martial energy!" Zachary practiced for quite a while before he slumped to the ground, out of breath.

He had thought that it would be difficult, but he later found that it was not just difficult. He couldn't cut down such a huge tree without using any martial energy! It was impossible, at least at his current cultivation level.

But he knew that there was a reason Anne had asked him to do this, however much that reason hid from him. It was similar to having to catch ten Ice Needles in a row before studying the Ice Needle Skill. The cultivation of the Energy Perception Technique was obviously more challenging than the cultivation of the Ice Needle Skill. But he could also see that it was more powerful than the Ice Needle Skill.

Zachary was just descending into a pit of depression when a voice sounded behind him. "How's your cultivation?"

Zachary turned to find Anne looking expectantly at him. It was the first time he was meeting her in the Peach Blossom Forest. He replied plaintively, "Master Anne, I don't think it's that easy to break a tree with just one slash."

"What's the problem?" Anne said, walking slowly up to the big tree. Her white sleeve fluttered, and a sword light flashed suddenly.

The tree split into two halves. The crack was visible, but it didn't seem to be deep. Zachary's cut was much deeper, but the tree was torn apart at Anne's light sword attack.

"Did you

ou can see the aura and the energy flow of this tree, you can also see the aura of warriors or beasts. I'll come and see you tomorrow." Saying thus, Anne left.

Zachary smiled wryly. It seemed to him that this skill was really hard to master, despite the fact that the process of cultivating the skill was simple.

Zachary then sat down cross-legged in front of the tree and tried to see the aura and the energy flow of the tree carefully, putting aside all other thoughts.

Zachary stared at the tree for almost a full day and night. He at last felt that the tree had split into two, like a double shadow. But strangely, when he looked at the double shadow, it seemed that something was flowing from the bottom to the top.

He suddenly came to his senses and rubbed his eyes. When he looked again, he was dazzled at the sight of two different trees overlapping each other.

"Is this the energy flow of this tree?" Zachary said in wonder, looking at the tree's shadow and the energy flowing through it.

But to make sure that he had seen it, he walked up to the tree and stretched out a hand to touch the energy flow. He felt the air flow. It was weak, but he had succeeded in seeing the aura and the energy flow of the tree.

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