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   Chapter 379 Energy Perception Technique

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After that, Zachary began to cultivate according to Anne's instructions.

During this time, Tracy led a few people into the Ghost-crying Forest to search for Zachary. But several days passed and they hadn't found a trace of his whereabouts. So they returned empty-handed.

Tracy reported the result of the search to the dean of the college.

"With his strength, it would be hard for him to survive in the Ghost-crying Forest. And now that you conducted a thorough search without finding him, I'm afraid we should be prepared for the worst," Marvin said, his brows furrowing.

"What should we do now? Should we inform the Celestial College first?" Tracy asked.

"No, this has to remain a secret because the King Level contest is coming soon, and you know how important it is. I also intend to arrange for other King Level disciples of the Celestial College to participate in the contest. This way, we can test the strength of the King Level disciples of our own college. I don't want anything to go wrong. What has happened has happened. Let's announce this after the King Level contest is done," Marvin said seriously, shaking his head.

"Got it." Tracy nodded.

"Dean Marvin! Pollard has returned from the Burial Abyss," a guard reported as he hurried into the dean's office. Pollard was the best disciple of the Shura College and had gone to the Burial Abyss for training.

"He's back? Good! Very good!" Marvin's body trembled with excitement at this, his face beaming with joy.

Three years ago, Pollard had taken the initiative and asked to go to the Burial Abyss for cultivation in order to reach the Imperial Level. Given that he was widely recognized as the most talented disciple in the history of their college, Marvin had approved his request without any hesitation. But he hadn't expected Pollard to disappear with

there," Tracy explained.

Marvin and the other masters turned to look at him. Zachary going missing was a serious matter and they were hoping to get some clue about his whereabouts.

"To tell you the truth, I did find a disciple who appeared in the Burial Abyss a few days ago. But he was dead when I saw him. A miserable death, to be honest. It looked like he had been attacked by some Imperial Level martial beast," Pollard said, after pretending to think about it for a while.

"Dead?" Everyone paled collectively, including Marvin.

"Yes. I buried him myself," Pollard said, nodding gravely.

"Looks like he has really..." Tracy trailed off, her beautiful face dimming. She bit her lip, looking downcast, unable to conceal her sadness.

Marvin looked grim. He had been planning for the worst, yes, but it was still difficult to hear it. He now had to think about how to explain Zachary's death to the Celestial College.

"I'll excuse myself if you don't mind," Pollard said and left the Grand Martial Hall.

As he walked out, Pollard thought to himself, 'I had to lie since Harley doesn't want to be disturbed. But I'm looking forward to his return. Ha-ha!' Thinking thus, he disappeared from the spot.

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