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   Chapter 378 Reaching The Imperial Level

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"Really? Is Tania that strong?" Even Zachary couldn't help but be stunned on hearing that. Of course, he knew that there was no reason for Anne to lie to him. This news was just too shocking to be true. Tania was so strong that even the whole Supernal Continent would be in awe of her. How amazing she was!

But when he really thought about it properly, he found that being Tania's disciple could bring him a lot of benefits in the future.

"You'll learn more about her later. For now, the most important thing for you to think about is how you're going to break through to the Imperial Level. The Imperial Mystery Pill is not enough for you to do so. Although the Imperial Level is only one level higher than the King Level, the gap between the two is extremely large. You need to put more effort to succeed," said Anne firmly.

"That's what I just heard from Tania. However, with the help of the Imperial Mystery Pill and your guidance, I believe that I'll be able to break through to the Imperial Level soon enough," Zachary said confidently as his eyes sparkled.

"With your talent, my guidance and the Imperial Mystery Pill, I estimate that it will take you at least half a year to succeed," Anne told him.

"Half a year? That's too long." Zachary shook his head at once upon hearing this.

"Breaking through to the Imperial Level in half a year is already an incredible accomplishment for any warrior. How long did you expect it to take?" Anne asked seriously with her brows slightly furrowed.

"I need to reach the Imperial Level in a month, before the King Level contest is held. That way, I can be confident enough to complete the main quest," he announced as he weighed up the situation.

"A month? That's impossible." Anne immediately shook her head. It wasn't just that she didn't think Zachary could do it. It was that she thought no one could.

"I don't think it's impossible with you around to help me, Master Anne. How about you open up my Energy-absorbing Acupoint again?" Zachary proposed with excitement. Once again, he pinned his hopes on Anne.

"No, I told you before that the Energy-absorbing Acupoint cannot be opened up a second time. In fact, if it weren't for the system restricting it, I would transfer the power to you directly. It would help you make your way to the Imperial Level!" Anne bit out in frustration. Deep down, she hoped that Zachary would reach the Imperial Level and

ly intrigued. Zachary was brimmed with excitement.

"It's called the Energy Perception Technique. As its name indicates, it can help people discern the energy circulation of everything in the world," Anne replied.

"Discern the energy circulation of everything in the world? That sounds quite profound," Zachary asked, raising his brows.

"Everything in the world emits an aura that surrounds it, whether ordinary human beings, ordinary animals, martial beasts, or treasure beasts. Even plants such as flowers, grass, and trees have their unique energy circulations. If you can master the Energy Perception Technique, you'll be able to clearly see the circulation of the energy of everything in the world. If you can see that energy, you'll know where the Life Acupoint and the Death Acupoint of the energy circulation are," Anne explained. "The Life Acupoint is the source of the energy. It can control the flow of energy. The latter is the endpoint. It controls the release of the energy. If you can pinpoint the Life Acupoint and the Death Acupoint, then you can defeat your enemy and win."

"It sounds quite easy," Zachary commented. He got the general idea of what the Energy Perception Technique was and how it worked. However, he knew that although it sounded easy, it would be very difficult when he practiced and used it.

"Yes, it's very easy. If you are faced with ordinary people, animals or plants, you can easily pinpoint their energy circulations because theirs aren't complicated." Her tone then turned serious. "But if you are faced with a warrior, things would be completely different."

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