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   Chapter 376 A Pill Refiner

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The moment Zachary stepped into the room, he immediately realized that it was not a girl's bedroom at all; it was a lab. There were various shelves of different sizes standing against the walls, on which a variety of bottles of herbs were placed neatly. There were two large tables in the middle of the room, with simple equipment and tools on them.

In the far corner of the room, there was a big furnace connected to a chimney. The furnace was covered with peculiar lines which were shining brightly as they emitted a very strong aura. It was easy to know that it was by no means a mere common furnace. Upon seeing that, Zachary could tell that Tania must have been refining pills during her free time.

Because of this, he couldn't help but blurt out, "Oh wow, Tania, you are actually a pill refiner!"

"Didn't Anne pass the message to you?" Tania asked as she turned to look back at the other with a puzzled look.

"What message?" The sudden question took Zachary by surprise. As far as he could remember, his dear master Anne didn't mention anything about Tania's job to him.

"Never mind then." The pill refiner shook her head. Then, she walked towards one of the many shelves in the room.

Zachary pursed his lips, dissatisfied. Maybe he should ask Anne about Tania's background later!

Soon, she took a semicircle-shaped instrument and placed it on a table located in the middle of the room. A moment later, she motioned towards Zachary and said, "Show me your wound that you got from the Demonic Blood Wolf."

"My wound might have healed by now," Zachary protested.

"The wolf's bite can't be healed that easily. Show it to me, Zachary." Tania shook her head, pressing the matter further.

Reluctantly, Zachary rolled up his sleeve and indeed, the wound did not disappear and it still looked obvious and ugly in his arm.

Tania pointed her finger at his wound. As soon as she did, a stream of golden light spilled from her fingertip and directly shot straight into the wound. At that moment, Zachary suddenly felt a strange tension force itself into his body, drawing the Demonic Wolf Blood out of him. However, as the power of the blood was very strong itself, it soon fought against the power from Tania.

Zachary could feel the violent impact of the fight between the two different kinds of power in his body. His face turned pale and he had trouble breathing, almost as if he was being suffocated from the inside.

Noticing this, Tania immediately put her hand on Zachary's chest. In the next moment, he felt a shudd

werewolf lying on the ground. After it flew over the werewolf, the diamond stone immediately kept hovering in the air and became bigger and bigger. At last, it turned into a diamond stone about one meter high, emitting the golden orange light.

"Tania, what is this stone?" Zachary asked curiously, taking a step closer.

"This stone is called the Evil Sealing Stone, which is able to seal off any evil power that exists in the world." Tania gave a simple reply, not bothering to look at the other as she explained.

"Wow, that sounds awesome," Zachary responded greedily. He thought to himself, 'Tania truly is a great master. She could throw away something as valuable as that without any form of remorse.'

"This is a unique ancient treasure from the Supernal Continent. However, when I got it back then, the stone was badly damaged. I visited countless famous experts, hoping they could repair it, but none of them could. Later, fortunately, I met Anne, and she was the one who replenished this ancient treasure for me," Tania elaborated, rolling her eyes at Zachary.

"Tiana, it turns out that you can also turn to my master for help," Zachary said and laughed.

"However, she also took many things from me in return, such as the pills she had given to you. In fact, some of the things she took from me were especially made for you. I don't understand why she is so kind to you. After all, you are nothing more than her mere disciple. You have nothing special about yourself whatsoever," Tania said in a low voice, which would make one assume that she was jealous of Zachary.

"I see, so that's how it is." Zachary had never expected Anne to be so kind and considerate to him.

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