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   Chapter 373 Defensive Restriction

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"Who are you?" The Demonic Blood Wolf hadn't expected that anyone would break through the defensive restriction it set and intrude in its lair. What surprised it more was that the intruder was a weak warrior. The Demonic Blood Wolf released an astonishingly strong aura as it glared at Zachary.

"His friend," Zachary replied calmly as he turned to the werewolf, who was at the last stage of transformation. Zachary frowned when he recognized the situation. Without hesitation, he shot several Ice Needles into the werewolf's body.

The werewolf shivered once as if he had woken from a nightmare. In the next instant, it appeared as though his transformation had begun to slow down. He straightened up and gasped as he turned to Zachary. Gratitude reflected in his eyes.

"I'm sorry that I'm late. You should leave now. I'll take care of the rest," Zachary said. He knew that if the werewolf continued to stay here, he would be unable to control the transformation. The Ice Needles Zachary had just shot had slowed the speed of the werewolf's transformation, but not for long.

The werewolf also knew that if he stayed, the Demonic Blood Wolf would control him. Moreover, he already achieved what he had promised Zachary, and the rest of the matter was none of his business. Therefore, he turned and planned to leave the cave as soon as possible.

"No one can leave without my permission!" Irritated by Zachary, the Demonic Blood Wolf roared. The red light around its body spread in an instant, and a blood-red barrier appeared to cover the whole cave.

There was a strong chance that this blood-red barrier was an enchanted barrier.

Zachary frowned. It seemed that this Sage Level treasure beast was indeed powerful. Moreover, he could perceive that the Demonic Blood Wolf had the strength of a beast at the peak of the Sage Level. The gap between Zachary's power and the beast's was too large!

Unable to leave, the werewolf stopped and turned to glare at the Demonic Blood Wolf. His eyes were full of intense hatred.

"You broke into my lair without my permission and destroyed my cave. Death awaits you now!" Irritated and frustrated, the Demonic Blood Wolf roared as it continued to glare at Zacha

"It seems that I have underestimated your talent. Since you want so eagerly to become my descendant, I'll help you. But, he has already merged with my Demonic Wolf Blood. I can't take back the power of the Demonic Wolf Blood, so if you want to become my descendant, you have to kill him first," the Demonic Blood Wolf said coldly.

The werewolf's expression changed instantly. He stared at Zachary with widened eyes.

"No problem. But his strength is stronger than mine, and he possesses the power of the Demonic Wolf Blood. It seems unfair to me!" Zachary glanced at the werewolf as he spoke.

"Then I will give you the power of the Demonic Wolf Blood. After the battle, only one of you will survive. That being the case, I will have the strongest descendant from among you. Come to me!" the Demonic Blood Wolf said with a steady voice.

Zachary approached the creature without any hesitation.

"Is it worth it? If you want to obtain its power, you have to pay. And the price is terrible," the werewolf commented. He thought that Zachary wasn't aware of the pain of being half-man and half-beast. The werewolf, however, had suffered this torture for three whole years.

"Being able to obtain such power is worth any price. The terrifying thing is that you don't have any power at all," Zachary answered coldly.

At this moment, he already stopped in front of the Demonic Blood Wolf, rolled up his sleeve, and extended his right arm towards the beast's mouth.

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