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   Chapter 372 The Natural Cave

Treasure-hunting: Into the Unknown By Wen Nanyin Characters: 6624

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Zachary followed the werewolf into the natural cave. As soon as he set foot inside, a strange and powerful force struck him and sent him stumbling back out.

Taken aback, he studied the mouth of the cave with narrowed eyes. "Is this cave forbidden for some reason?" he wondered aloud. Not one to give up easily, he called upon all his strength from the ninth grade of King Level and charged back into the cave, only to be bounced back out like before.

'It seems that the Demonic Blood Wolf is well-prepared, ' Zachary thought to himself. 'Maybe it's already predicted that its descendant will come to find it, so it's taken precautions against intruders.' Considering this, he started to worry about the werewolf, and feared that he was setting him up to go through hell.

At that moment, the werewolf had already disappeared into the cave. Zachary wanted to call out to him, but couldn't risk alerting the Demonic Blood Wolf to their presence.

Still, he couldn't let the werewolf face that monster alone. "Mimi," Zachary said to the system. "Tell me if there's another way into this cave. I need to know right now."

Meanwhile, the werewolf was so focused on getting into the cave quietly that he didn't notice Zachary was no longer with him. After traversing a dozen meters, he came to a very spacious hall, walled with roughly hewn, grotesque-looking rocks. A shaft of moonlight fell from the opening in the roof.

The light was cast upon the hulking form of a wolf, apparently sleeping. Its coat was blood red, trimmed with black in places, and it gave off a terrifying aura that equaled that of a warrior at the Sage Level.

It was none other than the Demonic Blood Wolf.

The werewolf trembled at the sight, but not only out of fear. Rage boiled inside him as well, for it was this creature that had turned him into a half-human, half-beast monster.

The moment went on until the Demonic Blood Wolf gave a little moan and slowly raised its head. Its scarlet ey

s now undergoing the last transformation. Once it was completed, he would completely lose his human nature and truly become the descendant of the monster before him.

The horrendous scene went on and on, with the werewolf unable to resist, until suddenly a section of one of the walls burst inward with a titanic crash.

A very furious-looking beast stood before the new entrance.

When the cave at last stopped shaking, a mocking voice from behind the creature said, "Thank you, Hundred-Treasure Beast." With that, the beast was swallowed up by a flash of light, and a man stepped inside.

It was none other than Zachary, who had been unable to enter the cave before.

He had asked Mimi to find another way inside, but had gained nothing. Later, upon hearing the scream of the werewolf, he deduced that something was wrong and decided that he needed to hurry. Suddenly he'd gotten an idea and asked Mimi to find out whether the spell protecting the cave's entrance was extended to any other part of it. On finding out it wasn't, he'd summoned the Hundred-Treasure Beast that he hadn't tamed. Being locked up so long had given the creature a very bad temper, leading it to take Zachary as an enemy. Lured by Zachary, it had crashed through the thinnest section of the cave's wall and given him a new way inside.

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