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   Chapter 371 Descendant

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"This descendant definitely has Demonic Wolf Blood in his body. Does that mean I will only have to hand over this descendant to Tania?" Zachary asked, as he rubbed his chin.

"Yes, but in all probability, this descendant might have fully merged with the Demonic Wolf Blood. In that case, we will have to kill him first, draw all of his blood, and refine it, in order to get the Demonic Wolf Blood," Anne explained.

"I might as well offer myself to receive a bite than face him!" Zachary was fully aware that the strength of the werewolf had reached the Imperial Level and that was not something he was ready to deal with, right now.

"Then you will have to make this descendant help you find the Demonic Blood Wolf."

"But he himself does not know where the Demonic Blood Wolf is! How could I expect him to take me to find it?" Zachary said with a determined look.

"Since he has been chosen to be the descendant, he must have some connection with the Demonic Blood Wolf. It just depends on whether he's willing to take you to find it or not," Anne reminded him.

"He may not be willing to help me to find the wolf, unless I give him something that he desires. He might want my help in regaining his original appearance," Zachary said as he considered the situation. He realized that the werewolf seemed disgusted with his appearance, to the extent that he thought he was cursed.

"I'm afraid we will require Tania's assistance. Maybe she can help us," Anne suggested.

"Fine. I will ask her right now."

Zachary immediately left the Living-dead Tomb and rushed to the Fairy Island. When he entered the Fairy Island and reached the bamboo house, he saw that Tania was already at the entrance. It seemed like she was aware about his coming and waited for him.

"So you knew I will come to you?" Zachary asked as he approached her.

"Since the time you stepped inside the Fairy Island, I knew about it. You found the Demonic Blood Wolf, didn't you?" asked Tania, as she stared intently at Zachary.

"Not really, but we did find some clues."

"Oh is it? Pray, tell me the details."

Quickly, Zachary briefed her about his encounter with the werewolf.

"According to your experiences, you seem to be quite lucky. You actually met a descendant chosen by the Demonic Blood Wolf! Very few have managed to achieve such a feat. If you take advantage of him in the right way, you should be able to find the Demonic Blood Wolf." Tania seemed surprised about this information.

"But he may not be willing to help me. Hence, there has to be something to help me

r you," said Zachary with certainty.

When the werewolf heard this, his brows furrowed. Then, with a determined expression, he asked, "What is it that I should do?"

"Use your heart to feel it," Zachary said.

The werewolf immediately closed his eyes. Soon, he heard the howl of a wolf, deep in the Burial Abyss. The howl was like a call to him, which made him open his eyes, as he looked around strangely.

"Did you sense it?" Zachary asked hopefully.

"It should be in that direction," the werewolf said, as he pointed to the direction, from where the moon rose.

"Let's go." Zachary nodded.

"Are you sure you want to go there? It could be a dangerous place." The werewolf looked at Zachary with concern.

Zachary nodded positively.

"Then follow me closely." As soon as he finished speaking, his appearance changed back to werewolf and charged towards the place where the moon rose.

Zachary also followed closely behind.

With the werewolf leading the way, Zachary didn't meet any obstacles after he entered the depths of the Burial Abyss. Besides, the werewolf was familiar with the terrain of the depths of the Burial Abyss. So if there were any Imperial Level martial beasts, he would be able to avoid them easily.

After following the werewolf for nearly six hours, Zachary came across the entrance of a hidden natural cave.

"It must be inside this cave." The werewolf stared at the natural cave and grinned.

"You can go in first. I'll follow you and see what's going on," suggested Zachary.

The werewolf nodded and then proceeded towards the natural cave cautiously. Meanwhile, Zachary used the Flawless Illusion to make himself invisible and quietly followed the werewolf.

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