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   Chapter 370 The Demonic Blood Wolf

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"What...did you... come here... for...?" When the werewolf spoke, his voice sounded hoarse and scraped as though he hadn't made use of his voice for ages. He kept vigilant around Zachary.

"Look, all I want to know is why you followed me. You were the one that saved me last time, weren't you?" Zachary raised an eyebrow, keeping his eyes on the ragged form.

"All of this... was merely a coincidence. I was following you... because you shouldn't... have come here..." The werewolf's words were a slow drawl, like a predator that paced around a prey.

"Am I? And why shouldn't I be here?" Zachary asked, his would-be relaxed countenance designed for feigned interest as he raised his eyebrows.

"This place... is not for... you. You nearly got yourself killed last time. And yet here you are...without having learned your lesson..." Glowing red eyes, like molten rubies, bore into Zachary, unblinking and eerie.

"Actually I didn't want to come. Unfortunately, I had no choice. I'm seeking out a treasure beast. As you'd been living here for quite some time, I wonder if you may have an idea of where I could find it." Zachary's eyes gleamed sharply, meeting the gaze of the werewolf. He was almost certain that there was something here that the werewolf refused to talk about. He certainly didn't know who this werewolf might be, exactly, but the werewolf was hiding something, and he needed to find out.

"A treasure beast, you say? You wouldn't happen to be looking for... the Demonic Blood Wolf, would you?" The werewolf's tone was strange, almost excited.

"You know of it? Have you seen it?" Zachary asked quickly, suddenly excited. This was the biggest break he had yet.

"Of course. I've not only seen it. As a matter of fact, the Demonic Blood Wolf... is what turns me into what you see before you!" the werewolf howled in rage, and appeared to grow in size with its cresting anger.

"Wait. You mean this isn't what you used to look like?" Zachary stared at him, surprised. But perhaps he shouldn't be; after all, humans typically weren't supposed to look like this.

"It was three long years ago. In order for me to gain more power, I strove to reach the Imperial Level. So off I went to the Burial Abyss to cultivate myself. At first, nothing too out of the ordinary happened. As a matter of fact, things went quite well. But after I reached the Imperial Level, a wolf arose before me. I had thought it to be merely a random martial beast. But as it turned out, it was a Sage Level treasure beast. I fought it to the end of my skill, but its claws closed upon my flesh, biting me and infecting me. I nearly lost my life. It was by pure luck that I had survived at all. It was not long after that I realized my body had changed dramatically. And that I was now beholden to drink blood to sate my unquenchable thirst. Time passed and my body physically began to change as what you see now." The werewolf wove his tale in a tone wrought with anger and misery. He was accursed, and he felt the toll of it in both body and spirit.

"I didn't realize it had g

using it. And because the Demonic Blood Wolf hardly ever bleeds, it's incredibly difficult to obtain some of the blood to begin with." Anne crossed her arms, brow furrowed in contemplation.

After a few thoughtful moments himself, Zachary finally asked, "If that blood is so potent and so difficult to get in the first place, then why did Tania send me to get some? I imagine she's been well aware that it's well-nigh impossible."

"That's where you're wrong." Anne shook her head and took a few pacing steps. "It's not entirely impossible, because the Demonic Blood Wolf has a habit of producing offspring. Descendants."

"It...creates descendants?" Zachary stared, baffled.

"According to the legend, the Demonic Blood Wolves' ancestors were actually powerful, ancient warriors. They began their transformation when they were bitten by wolves. Their mutation into Demonic Blood Wolves becomes their final form. However, in this form, they are sterile and cannot bear descendants. If they want to pass down their power, they have to create offspring in some other way."

"So...the werewolf I'd met. The reason he became what he is now is that the Demonic Blood Wolf chose him to be its descendant?" Zachary stared, somewhat appalled by this realization.

"I assume that's the case." Anne nodded.

"Wait. So Tania asked me to try and find the wolf so it can bite me, and transform me, and that way I can obtain the blood?" The whole plan started to come together in Zachary's mind.

Anne nodded in confirmation of his thoughts.

"If you knew that was her plan, then why didn't you just tell me that?!" Zachary demanded, realizing that he'd been led around.

"I promised Tania that I wouldn't tell you," Anne replied in that obstinate way of hers. She had always been of firm principle.

"Yeah? Then how come you're telling me all of this now?"

"Because you've already found a descendant of the Demonic Blood Wolf. Even if I didn't tell you or confirm your thoughts, you would've found out anyway," Anne said with a nonchalant shrug.

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