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   Chapter 369 The Cause Of Death

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The disciples turned to look at each other, all of them with their mouth shut as they did not dare to spill the truth. They knew that once they did, a punishment would definitely be awaiting them.

"So you don't plan on telling me? Alright, let's put it like this, then. If you don't tell me, I can only assume that it was you guys who were trying to murder both Charley and Harley. If so, you should pay with your lives. An eye for an eye. You killed Charley, and you dared to raise a sword to Harley as well. He is nothing less than my disciple! Or did you people get tired of living? Planning on courting death so soon?" Tracy screamed at them, her throat burning the longer she talked.

Hearing this, the disciples' legs felt like jelly as their faces drowned into deadly pale.

Upon seeing Tracy so angry, all of them who were present understood that she was greatly attached to the Zachary.

Even Willis didn't expect that Tracy would be so emotional over the loss of Zachary. He had always thought that Tracy was someone rational and unmoved by meaningless emotions.

"Now considering it's obvious that you are accomplices, it's meaningless to continue this interrogation. All of you are banished to the Ghost-crying Forest. I'll make you die by yourselves instead of doing the dirty work myself. Complete bastards..." Tracy threatened them without an ounce of care in the world.

Those men dropped to their knees and broke down at such news. They knelt on the ground, facing Tracy's feet as they cried out, "We weren't the ones who killed Charley, it wasn't us. He deserved it, because Charley intended to kill Harley in the first place."

"Then who killed Charley?" Tracy asked immediately, her tone still an icy cold.

"It was Harley." At last, one of the disciples of King Level spilled the truth.

Everyone stood stunned in their places just from his words. They didn't think that Harley would be able to kill Charley just with his current strength.

"Tell me more with all of the details. Why did Charley intend to kill Harley in the first place?" Tracy's face darkened, and her hands balled into fists.

Hearing this, the other disciples couldn't help but to look towards Michael's direction. They were afraid to tell the whole truth when someone like him was present. Even if Tracy did let them go, Michael would not let them get away with something like this so easily.

And now, Michael was also feeling dejected. He did not expect things to be so troublesome.

However, he was a smart man and knew that these people would get him involved if things got worse or out of control. He walked over to Tracy and started, "Master Tracy, as far as I know, Charley was Harley's foe for a long time. He harbored grudges against Harley, so he might have initially planned to take a


The one following Zachary didn't expect that he would be noticed by the other so soon, but he jumped into the only tree nearby to avoid the silk net. He was about to turn around and planned his retreat.

Just then, a number of needles shot into the body of the unknown figure without a sound, and he suddenly felt that his body became stiff and the martial energy flowing inside him stopped working in an instant. He fell directly from the tree and onto the ground in an instant.

At this time, Zachary saw the person lying in front of him and was immediately frightened. The person had a face that was of a wolf, but he was far from one. He had long red hair, the upper part of his body covered in red fur, and the trousers he was wearing seemed to be worn out. He looked like a strong man with strong waist and a wide back. The muscles were bulging, making him look similar to a giant. His four limbs were huge, and his hands were as sharp as blades as they were full of dried blood.

"Who are you? Are you human, or...?" Zachary couldn't help but ask, but a thought flashed through his mind right after. 'He is a werewolf!'

At this time, the other party immediately let out an ear-piercing roar. The birds who were perched gracefully on the trees around them were frightened and went flying in all directions.

"Calm down. I know you've been following me for a while now. It was you who saved me that day," Zachary said patiently, though he could tell that the werewolf was bad-tempered and his current mood was anything but a good one.

Hearing what Zachary had said, the werewolf finally calmed down.

He stared at Zachary with his sharp red eyes, wary of any silly games the warrior might have up his sleeve. "Do you mind having a short talk with me while you sort your feelings out first?" Zachary shrugged and flashed a friendly smile.

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