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   Chapter 367 Becoming A Heterodox Warrior

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Afterward, Zachary entered the system and arrived at the Peach Blossom Forest. There, he saw Jimmy collapse on the ground, his body covered all over with cuts and bruises. His breath and pulse were too weak. Zachary could see that he was heavily injured as he looked over Jimmy carefully.

"He is hurting too badly. I need to seek help from Master Anne to cure him," Zachary murmured. He was attacked by guilt when he thought that Jimmy got hurt so badly because of him.

At once, Zachary took Jimmy to the Living-dead Tomb.

As soon as they entered the Living-dead Tomb, Zachary shouted, "Master Anne, help! I need your help! Someone is dying!"

It was only a moment later that the scent of perfume was blown in with the wind. A delicate figure in a white dress appeared in front of Zachary. She stood coolly as if Jimmy was not dying in front of her. Anne asked coldly, "Why did you bring an outsider again?"

"He is badly hurt. I had no choice! Master Anne, please check whether you can save him or not," Zachary begged helplessly.

"I've broken the rules for you too many times. I won't do it again. I'm not going to help him, so get him out of here as soon as possible," Anne said dismissively. There was no hesitation in her voice at all.

"Please, Master Anne. The wise men of old said that saving one life earns more merit than building a pagoda of seven stories. He is hurt so terribly. Please give him a hand. He got hurt because of me. If he died, then I would be at fault. Do you really have the heart to see your beloved disciple stew in guilt for the rest of his life?" Zachary said earnestly. He hoped that his honesty would touch Anne's heart so she would help them.

It seemed to help as Anne glanced at Jimmy once again. This time, there was hesitation in her movements. With a sigh, she told Zachary, "Put him down first."

Zachary readily laid Jimmy down on the ground.

Anne flipped her hand and immediately, four Ice Needles appeared in her hand. Zachary was alarmed when he saw the Ice Needles. He asked immediately, "Master Anne, are you going to save him or kill him?"

"It depends on whether he is lucky enough or not. His energy is running in reverse inside his body, which means that he has stepped into the gate of hell. Whether he can survive or not depends on whether he wants to live or not. Of course, I can choose to do nothing to him. In that case, he will surely die," Anne said with an expressionless face.

Her words did not soothe Zachary. He frowned deeply at the tricky situation that he found himself in. With a deep breath, he moved away and let Anne work on Jimmy. He trusted her that much.

Anne waved her hand and the four Ice Needles flew into Jimmy's body. The next moment, Jimmy suddenly screamed as his body

unfortunate situation into words.

"What is it?" Jimmy couldn't help but stare at Zachary with a curious look. He could see that whatever was in Zachary's mind brought him pain. He wanted to help in any way he could.

"You were hurt too badly. It caused a disorder in you that reversed the energy in your body. Although you are lucky enough to survive, the circulation of the martial energy in your body can no longer follow the normal pattern. You may not be able to use it anymore. You cannot fight anymore!" Zachary looked down as he talked. He was unable to meet Jimmy's eyes and see the grief that he felt.

"What?" Jimmy trembled as he absorbed the news desperately. Although he was not very talented, it was his dream to become a strong warrior. He worked hard to enter the Shura College for that dream. Now, the cruelest fate had been thrust to him. He could no longer be a warrior and thus, could never fulfill his dreams.

"I can never be a warrior?" Jimmy asked after he swallowed hard a few times.

"Theoretically, you can't do that unless..." Zachary hesitated.

"Unless what?" Jimmy hurriedly looked up at Zachary. Hope peeked from his mournful eyes.

"Unless you break the rule and cultivate in the heterodox way. However, that would make you a heterodox warrior. You will be the enemy of all the orthodox warriors," Zachary answered him.

Jimmy was stunned. He had never dreamed of becoming a heterodox warrior. He didn't want to be disabled but he was a coward. It required a lot of courage to become a heterodox warrior.

"What should I do?" Jimmy asked dejectedly.

"If I were you, I would never give up on my dream, even if I have to go against the whole world!" Zachary said passionately. He looked at Jimmy sincerely so he could convey how serious he was. Nothing was more important than his dreams, after all.

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