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   Chapter 365 The Medium Stage Of King Level

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Zachary had disappeared into thin air.

A few seconds later, two screams echoed in the cavern. One of the two disciples at the premium stage of Heaven Level was writhing in pain, his arm broken. The other disciple was rolling on the ground, unable to stand with his now broken leg. It seemed that Zachary had attacked them so fast that nobody even saw what he did. The other disciples shivered in fear.

"Go away if you don't want to die!" A deep throaty voice thundered suddenly. A strong momentum permeated the air around them.

Several disciples gasped and hurried to obey the imposing voice. They had no problems with Zachary anyway. They were only there because they were forced to do so. If they didn't come, they would lose the protection that the stronger warriors provided. However, if they continued to fight, they would lose the very thing that they wanted to protect.

The first reaction of the other disciples was anger when they saw Zachary. They wondered where he got the gall to be so arrogant. When they witnessed Zachary defeat so many people with one strike, they almost swallowed their tongues in surprise.

These disciples at the premium stage of Heaven Level thought differently. They placed themselves higher than the others. That was why nobody thought to surrender to Zachary. In fact, they decided that they could defeat him with the advantage of number. After all, there was no way Zachary could win against all of them.

And so, the remaining disciples at the premium stage of Heaven Level exchanged looks and swarmed towards Zachary again. They intended to overwhelm him with their number.

With a cold smile, Zachary turned his palms up and down. His hands moved like lightning as he created countless palm shadows. In just a few seconds, ghost shadows began to appear in between his palms.

Although the disciples at the premium stage of Heaven Level were numerous, they were far weaker than Zachary. It was like a battle between a beast and numerous flies.

Zachary shook his hands and a ferocious ghost shadow rushed out and roared fiercely. It hit one of the men with a loud crack. The man wheezed as he fell to the ground and blood spurted profusely from his mouth.

The other disciples grew more frightened by this display but persevered. They attacked Zachary jointly, careful that they would not have to fight him alone.

Soon enough, two of the disciples attacked and were thrown back by Zachary. The rest of them looked at him with hesitant expressions now that they realized that he was way more powerful in strength, speed, and martial arts. There was a large gap between their levels.

They looked at him like a ghost, disbelief written on their faces each time he countered an attack by more than two disciples at a time. Each grunt of pain was like a flame that

d already won.

Suddenly, something unexpected happened. A shadow dashed out of the sand storm like infrared light and swept towards the four men. His speed was too fast to be observed by the naked eye.

The four guys were taken aback, but they quickly rallied together to stop Zachary. They approached the figure but they were met by a terrible aura that overwhelmed them and brought them to a stop like frightened deer. They saw a figure that shone vividly in purple light. For a moment, they thought it was a killing god.

The purple figure was none other than Zachary. He hit the ground with his arms and the impact made the ground tremble and stones fly apart. Streams of strong martial energy at the medium stage of King Level emitted from the ground.

The four disciples of King Level paled with fear. They tried their best to withstand the martial energy, but the martial energy they were faced with was so much stronger than their power. As soon as Zachary's martial energy broke through their defense, the four men spat out blood like they had been hit by an invisible force. Under the impact, the rocks and stones around them seemed to come to life as they flew and hit them all over their bodies. They fell to the ground with groans of pain, unable to even lift their heads.

Charley had been watching the fight closely from a safe distance. To be honest, even he could not identify Zachary's location when Zachary moved so quickly. When he saw that all his men were defeated so easily, his breaths started to come in shallow pants.

"He has reached the medium stage of King Level?" Charley exclaimed in shock. His entire body shook in fear as his eyes darted around to look for Zachary. Unfortunately, he moved too fast to be seen. Before Charley could do anything more, Zachary appeared in front of him. Charley drew back in fear as if he had seen a ghost.

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